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Is your slow PC causing you a lot of frustration? Are you looking for a solution to get your PC back to “like new” performance? If so, you are certainly not alone. But what exactly causes your PC to slow down over time? Your system’s registry can get over run with several issues and problems below the surface due to:

  • Fequent Installs & Uninstalls of Programs
  • Remnants Left behind From Unsuccessful Installs/Uninstalls
  • Missing System Entries
  • Invalid Shortcuts
  • Debris left behind from SpyWare applications
  • Other normal everyday PC activity

The Symptoms: Error messages, slow performance, slow internet browsing, program lock-ups, screen freezes, slow Windows start-ups, slow Windows shutdows, sluggish programs, slow loading programs, hardware corruption/errors and other similar annoyances which lead to more serious problems – namely, SYSTEM CRASHES. What was once your most enjoyable recreation can quickly become your worst nightmare!

The Solution: When you invested in your PC, i’m sure you wanted it to operate fast and efficiently so it could help you simplify your life and make your life more enjoyable. The downside is that the more you use your PC, the more corrupt your system registry becomes leading to the symptoms mentioned above…

Thankfully there is a solution… and that solution is SpeedyPC!

Like mentioned in the above video, is YOUR PC running slow? Are YOU getting unwanted error messages? If you are, then SpeedyPC is just what you need! SpeedyPC will optimize your PC in 2 minutes flat! Our tests have shown up to a 304% speed increase after running the SpeedyPC application.

Operating System

*SpeedyPC Scan Completion

+ %

Windows Vista 2min 22sec (822 Errors)


Windows XP Pro 2min 45sec (1245 Errors)


Windows XP (Media) 2min 45sec (1218 Errors)


Windows XP Home 2min 36sec (341 Errors)


Windows ME 1min 58sec (489 Errors)


Windows 98 3min 4sec (680 Errors)


Windows 98SE 2min 48sec (1001 Errors)


*SpeedyPC Scan Completion Time – This is the total time from installing the software to completing the scan. Pretty impressive.

Reviewing Our Expert Findings

After putting SpeedyPC to the test on several operating systems (including Windows Vista), our experts have clearly put their stamp on this application! SpeedyPC will scan your systems registry and repair errors you may not have even known about and bring your PC back to “like new” speed!

Recent Comment: “I purchased your SpeedyPC a couple of weeks ago. This is an excellent product and very user friendly. I have tried several other registry repair software packages and ended up in trouble and having to revert to an earlier version of my system. I will definitly recommend this product to all my clients and associates. Thanks for producing something that actually works the way it is supposed to.”
– Thomas Stephens

Use SpeedyPC To Fix Errors and Speed Up
Your PC:
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Setup Scheduled Scans With SpeedyPC!

SpeedyPC will let you setup automatic scans for any time of the day you would like. These regular scans will keep your PC optimized at all times so you can work more efficiently. No more “screen freeze” or application shutdowns! Yes it’s true, SpeedyPC is the ultimate solution!

(Screen Shot From Our Windows XP Home Test)

Recent Comment: “I purchased your SpeedyPC product on 01/05/07.It detected and fixed 1900 errors/problems!!!!!!!! I’m surprised my computer was running at all !!! Thanks for a GREAT product!

By the way, all the Run time errors I was having have been fixed.”
Gilbert Nelson

Use SpeedyPC To Fix Errors and Speed Up
Your PC:
Free Download | Learn More

Use The Registry Cleaner The Experts Choose!

With all of the registry cleaning software on the market, we can understand how hard it can be to choose the right product.

Your worries are now over becasue we have done the hard part for you! Don’t wait and download SpeedyPC right now and find out why our experts choose SpeedyPC over any other program on the planet!


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