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SpeedyPC PC Optimizer Review

If you are a regular PC user n your work or in your leisure time, then no doubt, like the rest of us, you probably never give a moments thought to just how much you put your machine through every day!

Given that most computer users are a pretty impatient bunch, you most probably have several programs running at the same time, constantly switch from one to the other every time you remember something that you forget, switch on new programs whilst constantly closing other s down……..and so on.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, and I should know, because I do exactly the same. As processors get faster and Ram gets larger all of the time, we just push our machines harder as a consequence, always keeping them on the absolute limit of what they can do.

And everything that you throw at our machine is handled by the Windows operating system and beneath that, driving Windows and keeping its heart ‘ticking’ is the registry of your PC.

So, with all this excess of daily activity, it should be no surprise that what happen is that gradually, day after super-busy day, your registry gets just a little bit more tied in knots, and functions just that little bit less efficiently.

On a daily basis, you don’t notice it but, gradually, as more and more internal connections are lost or misdirected, and ever increasing amounts of files and folders become corrupted, the registry of your machine slows down just a fraction every day.

Until one day, when it will not even complete a simple little job that you ask it to do, and you do finally notice the fact that you PC has some serious registry conflicts. And you (again, finally) decide to do something about it.

That is where an outstanding Registry Cleaner like SpeedyPC comes into its own. See, cleaning the registry of your PC manually is like washing the Golden Gate Bridge with a toothbrush. It is extremely time consuming, and ultimately, there is absolutely no guarantee of success!

Using SpeedyPC takes no time at all, and it is, in my experience, the only Registry Cleaner that I would confidently expect to really clean up the registry of my PC without screwing the whole system at the same time (and that does happen with some competitors).

So, you can use SpeedyPC both confidently and quickly, which is why it would always be my #1 recommendation for anyone looking for a top quality Registry Cleaner for their PC. Take the program for a quick ‘test drive’ by running a free scan, and see if I am wrong!

XoftSpy Expert Review

Of all the wide variety of ‘malware’ programs that it is possible to have your PC infected by, I am quite happy to tell anyone who is foolish enough to listen that the one that I hate with the most violent degree of passion is Spyware!

Not because it is necessarily the nastiest form of malware – I do not, for example, know of any Spyware program that will simply wipe out your hard drive in its totality in the way that some viruses have been known to. So, it’s not that.

Nor does the sound of a ‘Trojan Horse’ elicit anywhere near the same impassioned response in me that Spyware does, even though I know that Trojans do something remarkably similar (that is, Trojan often exploit back door weaknesses in your security systems to send information about you t third parties, unbeknownst to you, of course) to Spyware.

I think that is just something to do with the sound of the word Spyware, and specifically the ‘Spy’ bit.

I can almost hear all these trench-coated super ‘spooks’ charging about deep in the bowels of my PC, trying to ‘Spy’ on who-knows-what in the employ and at the behest of who-knows-who?

But, all joking aside, it does annoy me intensely that anyone can be spying on me at any time, but, unlike many viruses and Trojans, that this spying activity will be almost impossible to spot ‘with the naked eye’. Your web surfing activities hardly slow down at all, and your machine does not react noticeably more slowly because of the presence of spyware.

To all intents and purposes, everything is normal, and that is what makes Spyware so dangerous!

You could literally use your machine for years without ever knowing it is there!

But during that time, almost all of your most personal data and activities can be spied on, so you cannot allow your machine to play host to Spyware a moment more than you have to.

And, guess what? You don’t have to at all.

You can run a thorough check of your whole operating system using one of the most complete and detailed Spyware checkers, XoftSpy, entirely for free! And, once the check is complete (which will generally be less than5 minutes) you can download the XoftSpy program itself in order to banish the Spyware ‘baddies’ back to where they came from.

Then, you should ensure that you run a XoftSpy check at least once every couple of weeks because, no matter how careful you are, if you surf he net, then you will pick up Spyware (and/or its slightly less sinister sounding cousin, Adware) as sure as night follows day!

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