FREE Troubleshooting

FREE PC Health Check

Are you wondering just how healthy your computer really is? Do you want to find out without hiring a very expensive PC technician? Our expert team has put together a comprehensive PC Health Check and best of all, it’s free!

FREE Error Scan

One thing you can do to improve your PC performance is to scan for underlying errors. Over time your Windows registry becomes bogged down with invalid shortcuts, debris from spyware applications, shared DLL’s and other issues. Scan your PC right now absolutely free to see what problems YOU might have.

FREE Scan For Spyware and Adware

Are you noticing unexpected pop-ups? How about slow PC performance? If you are there is a very good chance you could be infected with melicious spyware and/or adware. These small programs get installed on your PC without you even knowing it and monitor ALL of you PC activity. Don’t take a chance and scan your system free right now.

FREE Scan For Personal Information

Did you know that just because you delete your temporary internet files, that it doesn’t mean it’s really gone? All you did was give your computer permission to overwrite those sectors on your hard disk. Identity theft is becoming all too common from thieves finding sensitive information on used computers, OR more commonly, through spyware. Scan your system now and PERMANENTLY delete your sensitive information.

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FREE Scan For Lost Or Deleted Data

Many people think that just because they have deleted a file, that it is permanently gone. This is not true! Have you deleted a file that you thought was gone forever? With Data Recovery Pro, you can retrieve lost data in just a few clicks! Things like pictures, emails, documents or anything you have previously deleted you can recover right now!

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