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Windows Boot Errors

What Are Windows Boot Errors?

Unlike many common PC problems that can remain undetected and hidden within your machines operating system for weeks, Windows Boot errors could not be any more obvious or easy to spot!

This is because when you first go to turn on your PC and access your Windows system, nothing happens, or at least, whatever it was that you expected to happen does not actually do so.

Now, one of a whole bunch of things can actually happen when you first try to turn the machine on.

For example, you may see nothing at all happening.

You might get the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’, or you could see an ‘old-fashioned’ DOS start screen.

You might even just get served a load of nonsensical, meaningless text displayed!

The obvious truth is that, if for some reason your machine will not boot up, then you clearly have a Windows boot error, and you need to do something about it.

However, the options that are available to you will depend to at least some extent on what actually caused the problem to arise in the first place. Fixing the problem is obviously going to be more difficult if you have no idea what caused it.

So, before trying to seek a solution, you would be far better spending some time trying to trace the initial root cause of the error.

On the basis that, without knowing what caused it, you cannot realistically hope to prevent a similar thing happening again the next time, you must investigate the error thoroughly before going any further.

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What Causes Windows Boot Errors

As might be imagined from the comments in the last section, there are various possible causes for your machine failing to boot up properly.

However, the first thing that you want to consider when trying to trace the cause is to think back to what you were doing immediately before the error showed itself.

This may well give you a clue as to what has gone wrong, as the things that would most often cause a significant boot error are often fairly fundamental to the correct running of your machine.

They will, in other words, be things that manifest themselves as an easily visible error fairly quickly, so, it is likely that whatever caused the error happened very recently.

Track back, and see if you can think of something that you did that could have caused the malfunction.

Did you recently attempt to install new drives of hardware? If so, were they installed correctly?

How about software? Although less likely to be the cause of the error, it is possible that a software problem is the root cause.

If, however, you can think of nothing that you have done that might have caused the error to occur, then you are going to have to look elsewhere.

It could be a particularly destructive spyware program, like the driver evan64.sys or maybe it is a virus.

It might be a sign that there is a serious corruption in the registry of your machine.

It may even be something as basic and prosaic as a power surge or outage.

So, try to find the cause if you can, but do not be too surprised if you can actually think of nothing!

Given that situation, there is little you can except move on to trying to fix the error as quickly as possible, however little knowledge you might have.

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How To Fix Windows Boot Errors

The first thing that you need to do is to get your machine running somehow.

Okay, so you can first attempt to take your machine back to an earlier point, before the problem happened, by trying to go to the most recent ‘last known good configuration (your most recent settings that worked)’ option in the Windows advanced options menu.

If that doesn’t fix your problem, try starting your machine again and, whilst it is opening up, hit the F8 key (assuming that you are using Windows XP) and then see if the machine will start in ‘Safe Mode’.

This basically means that all unecessary drivers are not active, so, if it is caused by a driver problem, this may fix it.

As suggested it could be a Registry problem. Test whether this is the case by running a free scan with a professional quality registry scanner like SpeedyPC.

If this shows that the problem is, indeed, related to a corrupted registry, then simply use SpeedyPC to repair it, reboot your PC and go from there.

If you have the original Operating System installation disk, then try booting your machine by inserting the disk into the CD or DVD drive and see whether that can be made to work.

The final and most drastic option, one that really is a last choice option is to use the disk to do a full re-install of your Windows operating system.

This will, however, take your machine right back to the original, factory default settings that came installed on the machine when you bought it.

It will also ‘wipe’ your PC clean, so that you lose everything that you have ever installed or collected on your machine.

This is therefore not an option that you should try until everything else that you can think of has already failed!


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PCaholic Visitor Shout Box


    I hope I can get an answer.
    I don’t depend on money to buy anything. But Maybe God is on my side and you could help me.
    I’m no computer engineer but i know quite a bit of computers but this problem I have is really eating me up.
    I have the blue screan and there has been nway I have been able to get throw that stage. I have tieed everything I know. Using Del, safe mode, best conf, but ican’t even get a CD TO BE READ.


  2. jesse:

    how do you change the main frame on the computer

  3. James:

    hi i am having a problem that i have no idea what caused it……
    heres the first of the problem… i bought a custom computer that a guy put togeather from scratch. i have no idea what is done to it and what it has in it. Second, when i hooked up the keyboard the lights for the caps, number and scroll lock blinked until i turned on the computer when i turned it on the lights turned off and will not respond to the computer. therefore i cant hit any key on my keyboard to make it start in safe mode of nothing… i have tried 3 different keyboards… i also got a code for a floppy not reading right soo i disconnected the floppy drive and and that code went away.. now the keyboard still isnt working even the mouse.and the computer stops booting after it detects all my hardware. i have no idea what i can do now except try to buy a usb mouse and keyboard…. and see if that can fix the problem with the moouse and keyboard not working… but that still leaves me with the comp not booting up all the way.. any ideas?? PLEASE! i need some help im pulling my hair out of my head! thank you

  4. Don Cotton:

    I cannot start windows on my PC I get an error root> system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing reload file. I tried doing repair from the original windows pc XP however when i try to copy the file from the d to c drive using the extract function the message comes up that I am not aurhorized. I never got a login statement. Can reg cure help me with this problem, can I boot from this CD. I cannot download software because I cant get into windows. If the software will fix this I will buy it today


  5. Rod Norris:

    Newly assembled System stops on Boot Error after recognizing RAM and Hard Disk / CD Rom.

    Error: NTLDR Is Missing

  6. Nag:


    I am getting BLUE SCREEN in the VISTA and it is auotmatically restarting the system.

    I have no idea what to do with this. Pls let me know whether Reg Cure helps me or not ?

  7. Mae Evans:

    When I go to play the game farm town and work on anothers farm I get a busy wording, freeze or get knocked off, why

  8. Eric:

    Mae Evans: Your post is unrelated to boot time errors
    Nag: Vista is trash, go and install Windows XP
    Rod Norris: Your error can only be fixed by reinstalling windows “NTLDR is missing” is quite serious.
    Don Cotton: You must reinstall windows
    James: The error is likely to be caused by the hardware not the software. If you can bring your computer to the guy who built it, I’m quite sure he should be able to fix it.
    Jesse: unrelated
    Rosanne: If the cd you are trying to read is bootable and it will not boot from cd, then go to the bios config and setup the cd drive to boot before the hard drive. Then you might want to consider reinstalling windows.

  9. brian hejlik:

    I just plugged my dell inspiron desktop running windows vista in after it being unplugged for one month. The pc will not boot up but instead beeps four times in a repeated fashion. What is wrong?

  10. matt:

    I get the blue screen error message that says-stop: 0x0000007e (0XC0000005,0X8A174BCB,0XF78D669C,0XF78D6398)

    Now i tried using previous one that works and then safe mode etc but nothing helps, it just keeps going back to this blue screen.

    I can’t use RegCure free download because i cant even get out of this blue screen to download anything, so what do i do now?

  11. Mohammed:

    i have windows 7 build 7600.and i also installed the kaspersky trial reset to activate trial version of kaspersky every month..wen i finished and then rebooted my PC, boom boom boom!!everything gone,,funy windows 7 start up tune and a whole load of rubbish..dunno wat to do coz safe mode is also extremely slow..it take about 20 miniutes to open the start menu although its 64 bit and 4gb ram..iis there anyway to get that rubbish kaspersky out of my pc

  12. Robbin:

    when I boot my pc a little box on the monitor says Information- Monitor is in save mode- Activate using PC. It stays on for 45 seconds and then the monitor cuts off. The pc is still on. The keyboard does nothing. When you boot the lights on the keyboard light up and then go off. I hooked up another keyboard and it done the same thing. I unhooked everything and left of for a long time and still happens. The problem started when we had a fuse blow in our house and things strarted going off and on, when we fixed the fuse this is what the pc started doing. Could really use any help. Thanks

  13. Ziggy:

    Ok I hit my PC, it was old and slow and it had it coming to itself.
    The bad thing is I gave it a right, as I later found out not in a good spot, this was right on top of the Hard Drive. Needless to say it want into a safe mode type of thing where it then asked for my supervisors password on the BIOS/Boot screen-I then assigned one. Nothing happen it stayed in setup mode and wouldnt advance to the normal set up. I saw the hard drive light flashing wont stay lite, makes the squecky bird chripping noise 3-4 times and stops. All keys beep. I have got it back into the Bios option key and dont want to touch anything in hopes to get my info back, backed up or at least writable? PLEASE HELP. Using friends computers to see whats next. Gateway XP about 7 years old. Fujitsu Hard Drive. Have taken it out and reloaded back into computer and in external case plugged USB into another PC, Still chripping. HELP ME SOON.

  14. Greg Hand:

    I have the same problem as Matt. Nothin I do Works and I keep coming back to a blue screen:

    Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78AA528.0xC0000034.0x00000000.0x00000000)


  15. trevor:

    hie,i am using XP sp3.i downloaded avast antivirus updates and after i installed them i was given an option of restarting my computer now or later i chose now.thats when all the trouble started………..My computer passed the blue screen, and showed a .exe error there was an option of terminating it which i did.and clearly succeeded the bootup process.but thats where it ended……no start button,cant do anything from there…………..

  16. rahim milnde:

    i switch on ma pc it boots properly but there is an error in windows

  17. athena:

    fix your un relibility

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