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Should I Upgrade To Vista? When Will It Be Released?

Right now, Microsoft expects to launch the home version of Windows Vista at the end of January 2007. Many of the consumers who expect to upgrade in the near future are poised, ready to buy the new operating system and put it on their PC hard drives.

Other would-be Vista users, however, are skeptical. Many people are already trying to decide if they should upgrade in January or February – when the operating system is still new – or wait a few months to see what Vista can really do.

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What Should I Consider Before Upgrading To Vista?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Since the price tag for the most basic version of Vista is expected to be more than one hundred U.S. dollars, this is a fairly expensive investment to make.

Many consumers are giving this OS at least a little thought before they open their wallets.

Here are the possibilities that you need to consider before you make any decision. When you’ve thought of all these things, you can buy now – or later – with more confidence and assurance.

-Being the first person in the neighborhood to have any brand-new thing is pretty cool. Everybody will be amazed at your PC’s new transparent menu, three-dimensional graphics and bigger, better add-ons.

-The sooner you buy Vista, the fewer illegal copies there will be. If you get your hands on a pirated version, don’t expect the software to work. Microsoft has spent tons of time and money on validation processes and other measures to track and shut down illegal copies of their various programs.

-Windows Vista uses cutting-edge technology and comes with countless new features. The more complex the software, the more likely you are to find bugs, glitches and other major problems.

The first people to upgrade usually experience the most (and most serious) problems. XP users who waited a while to upgrade from their previous operating systems had the OS after Microsoft had repaired the worst of the problems.

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New “Complete PC Backup” Utility With Vista

One thing we tend to like about Vista is the new “Complete PC backup” utility that is offered. While System Restore” is great, this new utility is even better. Here is a short video to help you better understand why we like it so much:

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What About Errors & The Price?

Granted, there will still be problems – even XP, which has been on the market for years, still poses the occasional issue – but most of the serious bug fixing is finished.

-Only a small group of people – beta testers, basically – have had the chance to preview and review Vista so far. After this OS has been on the market for a few weeks or months, there will be thousands and thousands of opinions from all over the world. You’ll have a much larger pool of resources to use when trying to figure out the pros and cons of the new software.

-If you wait long enough, you’ll be able to buy a new PC with Vista preloaded on the hard drive. You won’t have to go through the hassle of upgrading yourself – or wondering if your current system’s requirements will really be enough to run this massive OS.

-Speaking of system requirements: is your current system beefy enough for Vista? Compared to XP’s requirements, Vista’s are massive. Microsoft’s Web site tells potential Vista users that they’ll need 800MHz of processor speed, 15GB of free space on their hard drives and more than 500MB of memory.

XP’s requirements were less than half of that: 1.5GB of hard drive space, for example.

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No Matter What You Decide, Keep Your PC Optimized!

Regardless of what you decide, you have to agree that there are advantages to both options. Whatever you do, enjoy your PC: it’s a high-end tool that, when combined with the Internet, puts all of mankind’s knowledge (and ability to entertain each other!) right beneath our fingertips.

We all realize how important our PC is to our business as well as our everyday life. Similar to your car, your computer needs regular check ups and tune ups to run in optimum Condition.

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