Update Your Drivers

What Are Drivers?

Quite simply, drivers are nothing more than small programs that help your computer communicate with each device you have connected to it. Without drivers, your computer would not be able to differentiate between your printer or your CD drive. Yes they are that important.

Whenever you purchase a new component for your machine, the manufacturer usually supplies the proper driver on a CD that you can easily install. Some manufacturers give you a download link.

Manufacturers update their drivers regularly as operating systems such as Windows change, leading to compatibility issues. It is important that you keep your drivers up to date regularly or you can risk hardware failure.

Nothing can be more annoying than seeing your monitor turn to a black screen without warning while you sit there wondering why it doesn’t work anymore!

Updating Your Drivers

If you still have the manuals that came with your device(s) you can sometimes go directly to the support section of the vendor’s website and download the most up to date driver for each device.

The problem with this is it could take you hours of searching, and the sad part is, you may never find your driver. Also, even if you do, a month later you will have to search all over again as most likely the location of the driver download page(s) changes leaving you very frustrated.

But what can one do to easily and efficiently update their drivers without hassle?

Automatic Driver Updates

Thankfully, there are some companies that have developed an ingenious method of updating every single driver from every device attached to your machine.. all at the click of a button and it takes less that 2 minutes to complete!

These software programs are called “Driver Update Utilities and I would like to talk about what I consider the best one available right now.

Driver Detective

Driver Detective is quite simply the best of the best. They have a great free scan model that locates all of your device drivers in a flash! Simply click the “Scan Now” button and Driver Detective quickly locates the most up to date drivers for your system. You then are directed to the download and install link and you’re all set! Truly remarkable…

Another awesome feature I love is the Upgrade to Vista Wizard. This feature is only available in Driver Detective and makes your switch from XP to Vista a smooth transition!

It also will guide you in backing up your Vista drivers.

Once you start the wizard, Driver Detective creates a “Vista Migration CD”. After you have installed Vista successfully, you can simply insert the migration CD into your CD-ROM tray, and upgrade every single one of your device drivers. How handy is that!

Driver Detective is simply the best program to download and/or upgrade device drivers on your system, period.

For more information on Driver Detective you can visit the following website which also offers more information:

Official Drivers

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