Speed Up Your Computer

Oh What Fun A Slow PC Is!

How many times do you turn on your computer because you are in a hurry to check your email, and Windows takes 5 minutes to boot up? It has happened to all of us!

The sad thing is, though, we rarely do anything about it. There are a few simple solutions to this problem which we will now address. The four main ways you can increase your computers speed are to:

1) Check it for spyware  2) Uninstall unwanted or unused programs
3) Run the scandisk  4) download a registry repair software

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Scan For, & Remove Spyware and Adware

SpyWare are sneaky programs that websites install on your computer to collect information about you and your web habits.  They also display unwanted advertisements. Not only is this annoying, it slows down your computer. Getting rid of SpyWare is a great way to discover how to speed up your computer!

Removing Spyware Is a Great Way To Discover How To Speed Up Your Computer!

The best way to clean your computer of spy ware is to download a specialized spy ware cleaner. A great example of a program like this is XoftSpySE, produced by ParetoLogic.

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Delete Unwanted Programs & Documents

Deleting unwanted programs and documents is another great way to speed up your computer. Chances are, there are at least 3 programs on your computer that you haven’t used within the last month.

I’m also willing to bet there are at least 10 word documents that you have not opened within the last 3 months. So how can you speed up your compyter? get rid of the junk!

Now, it may seem like these programs and documents don’t take up a lot of space, but it all adds up. You should consider setting aside an hour at the end of every month to go through your hard drive and clean out anything you don’t use.

It will save you a lot of space and your computer will run faster.

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Run Window’s ScanDisk Utility

It is usually a good idea to run scandisk at least once a month. It is a built in feature of every Windows computer. What the scandisk does is scan your hard drive and fix damage to important windows files.

It’s easy to run. All you do is open the Run dialog box, type in sfc /scannow and press enter. Then all you have to do is follow the directions on the screen. It’s that simple! Doing this is another way you can speed up your computer.

Optimize Your PC With SpeedyPC

Making you computer quicker and more efficient is an easy task that will pay big dividends! Never underestimate the importance of your Windows Registry. Keeping your computer clean is a good way to keep it fast! Discover how to speed up your computer with SpeedyPC.


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