Registry Cleaner Reviews

Clean Your Computer With a Registry Cleaner

Looking for a good registry cleaner to wash the blue screens away? Read up on this registry cleaner review to give you a better idea on which one works best on your computer.

The registry is a very important component in the computer. Although it is not made known to most computer users, the registry actually helps to store all information pertaining to the user’s login and preferences. Even the slightest changes made on the computer would be noted down in the registry.

These files will continue building up but the old files cannot be deleted. As such, imagine the mess when old and new files get jumbled up in the registry. Not only that, if you fail to clear your registry, your files might go missing too.

So, to avoid files from going missing, here are 3 registry cleaner softwares that I highly recommend for everyone to use.

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Review of SpeedyPC Registry Cleaner

SpeedyPC is also a useful software. The SpeedyPC has restore and backup features so you would not have to worry about deleting the wrong set of files. Each time a file is removed from the registry, SpeedyPC ensures that there is a backup file.

With SpeedyPC, you can easily choose to customize which are the items that you wish to scan through. It will then whatever you tell it to. The bad thing about this is that by doing so, you will not know whether there are spywares or what not in your computer, unless you ask the SpeedyPC to check for you.

The good thing is that you can customize a built in scheduler and the SpeedyPC will automatically run on its own on the allocated day.

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Review of CCleaner Registry Cleaner

This is considered as one of the best FREE software that you can find off the Net. The CCleaner is equipped with 2 scans, unlike other registry cleaners, which only has 1 scan.

The first scan is to scan for unwanted or corrupted files. The second scan is to make sure that the files that are sieved from the 1st scan are safe to be deleted. This is because if not checked properly, the unwanted files that are deleted might cause harm on your Windows OS.

As such, the double scan in CCleaner helps to double your confidence of deleting your corrupted file. The CCleaner also auto updates itself. This would simply mean that your CCleaner would be up to date with the latest registry-related problems. Since there is no shelf life, you can use the CCleaner all year round.

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Review of Reg Mechanic Registry Cleaner

The Reg Mechanic is able to detect the corrupted files with high accuracy. It is able to detect quickly which are the important files and which are the unnecessary files.

The Reg Mechanic only has 1 scan and unlike the CCleaner, it would not be able to tell you whether the files that are to be deleted would affect your windows operating system.

However, its creators believe that 1 scan is more than sufficient to differentiate between the important files and the unnecessary one.

The Reg Mechanic has a user-friendly interface, which makes it highly popular among first timers. With that said, we still feel you should go with CCleaner or SpeedyPV as they are a better choice.

All 3 registry cleaners have their pros and cons. It does not matter which registry cleaner you choose to use, because what matters more is that you do give your registry a quick clean up every now and then.

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