Printer Performance Tips

The Importance Of Your Printer

Whether you are running a business or just printing cherished photographs at home, a good quality printer is an essential piece of equipment.

Keeping that printer running like new is important, and regular printer maintenance can greatly extend the life of virtually any printer.

Whether you are dealing with a color inkjet printer, photo printer or laser printer, there are steps you can take to ensure that every printout is of the highest quality.

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High Quality Printing

One of the most important parts of any printer maintenance program is the quality of the printer consumables.

It is all too easy to try to save a few bucks by purchasing inferior quality print cartridges, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and other supplies, but doing so can damage the printer and in some cases even void the warranty.

When shopping for printer supplies for a printer still under warranty, it is important to carefully read that warranty and follow the guidelines provided for ink and other consumables.

Following the manufacturer’s specifications can help extend the life of the printer and keep the quality of the output high.

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Keep Your Printer Clean

Another important part of printer maintenance is to keep that printer clean. Printers can pick up lots of dust and debris, and carefully removing that buildup can help keep the printer working flawlessly.

When selecting a location for the printer it is a good idea to avoid areas that are prone to dust; if the location cannot be changed, a thorough cleaning every week or two will help keep damage to a minimum.

When cleaning the printer it is important to use the right cleaning supplies, and again to reference the manufacturer’s guidelines. A high quality, lint free cleaning cloth is a must, and only the cleaning fluids recommended by the manufacturer should ever be used.

It is a good idea to check a laser printer for accumulated dust and debris every time the toner cartridge is changed.

Look carefully underneath the toner cartridge for any loose toner or other debris, and carefully wipe away that debris using a clean cloth. If loose toner continually accumulates even after being wiped away, it could indicate a problem with the quality of the cartridges being used.

The same goes for inkjet printers, and it is important to look for any ink buildup when changing ink cartridges. An accumulation of ink could indicate a leaking ink cartridge; if a cartridge is leaking it should be changed at once, before any further damage occurs.

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Watch The Output

While preventive maintenance is an important part of printer ownership, perhaps the most important thing printer owners can do is continuously monitor the quality of the output produced by the printer.

Watching for such common problems as missing letters, faded colors or ink that rubs off easily can provide that all important early warning that something is amiss.

Taking care of those problems early, before damage to the printer occurs, is one of the best ways to maintain an inkjet, laser jet or color photo printer.

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