Optimize Window’s Registry

What Exactly Is The Windows System Registry

The windows registry is nothing more than an organized way of storing the vital information your system uses regularly so it can access it in less time and more efficiently.

Editing The Windows registry yourself is a lot harder than you may think. The Windows registry is the most important part of Windows, and if it gets damaged, your whole system would get corrupted and impossible to use.

Manually customizing the Windows Registry takes some knowledge and familiararity with configuration files. Most people don’t feel comfortable with editing the Registry, which is understandable. Because of this, programs have been developed that can assist you in cleaning and optimizing the Windows Registry automatically.

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The Symptoms Of A Corrupt Registry

There are several symptoms that your system displays which tells you that you have a corrupt registry. Some computers display several of these symptoms while others only some. The degree in which your computer displays these symptoms is dependant on the degree of registry corruption you may have.

1) Slow Running Software Programs: This is one of the most widely reported symptoms of a corrupt registry. Opening documents, switching between programs and the like takes longer and longer to occomplish leading to massive frustration.

2) Computer Screen Freeze: Yet another popular annoyance. Most screen freezes happen when you switch between programs or try to exit a program.

3) Random Error Messages: This one is the scariest of the lot mainly because the messages are very hard to interpret. An example would be the ever popular “Blue Screen Of Death” memory dump error screen.

4) Slow PC Shutdown and/or Startups: Nothing can be more aggrevating than waiting 10 minutes for your pc to fire up to begin working. The same holds true for shutting down. 5-10 minute waits are not uncommon.

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What Dangers Do I Face If I Have These Symptoms?

The most dangerous outcome would be a complete system crash. This is something no one wants to see especially if none of their data have been backed up. One day you start your computer and BAM your pc crashes. You try restarting to no avail.

Then you try to start in safe mode.. this also leads you to no where. The only thing you can do is reinstall the complete windows operating system. It’s hard to believe a small software application would have prevented this scenerio isn’t it. It can!

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