Laptop Travel Tips

Protect Your Precious Laptop

When you pay anywhere from seven hundred to twenty-five hundred bucks for a laptop, you want to do everything that you can to protect that computer. This is true even if you paid extra for a very good coverage policy: a damaged or broken laptop means that you can’t work or play while you’re waiting for a repair or replacement.

Here are some easy, affordable ways to protect your laptop from all sorts of problems from theft to accidental damage. They’ll keep your computer as safe as possible without hitting your wallet too hard.

• Record the serial number and store it in a safe place. You should also add the laptop to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

• Don’t turn your back on your computer when you’re out in public. Don’t even leave the laptop unattended long enough to grab another napkin from the dispenser on the other side of the coffee shop. Many laptop thefts are crimes of opportunity: the crook sees an unattended computer and disappears with it.

• When you stay in a hotel, use the lobby safe to secure your computer. You can also lock the laptop inside of a suitcase and then attach that to the bed or desk with a cable and padlock. There are other notebook locks out there too: try out a few different things until you find the right protection for your needs.

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• Keep your laptop out of extreme climates. Don’t lock the thing in your car’s trunk for three hours while you catch an afternoon movie. The heat can mess things up. Either leave the laptop at home or take it into the theater with you. Ideally, the computer should stay at home if at all possible.

• Make – and follow – a no drinking rule around the laptop. If you insist on having a drink, make sure that the container has a screw-on cap or secure lid. Twenty-ounce soda bottles and insulated travel mugs are great containers for laptop users.

• Invest in a laptop case with a secure strap and as much padding as possible. You don’t have to pay a hundred bucks for genuine leather: just find an affordable bag that will protect your computer. The tougher your strap, the less likely it is to break. The more padding you have around the laptop, the more secure it will be if you drop the thing.

• Pay attention to where you set up your laptop. If the guy who’s sitting next to you on the airplane is sloshing around a big cup of beer, you might want to leave your computer in its case and under your seat for a while.

• Clean your computer on a regular basis. Wipe down the screen with a computer-safe cloth and cleaning solution. Blow out the keyboard with canned air. Keeping dirt and other debris out of your computer will prevent some of the damage – sticking keys, a messed-up screen, etc.

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Other Important Things To Consider

No matter how careful you are with your laptop, accidents still happen. Make sure that you have insurance or some other coverage just in case something goes wrong.

You should also back up all of your vital data on a regular basis. That way, if the unfortunate happens, at least you won’t have to recreate all of your most important files.

One thing you don’t want to face is having PC problems while on the road. Nothing can be worse than having to reinstall your operating system out of the comfy confines of your home or office. That’s why we recommend regular scans using SpeedyPC! Keep your laptop running smooth and error free…


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