How To Remove Spyware

Introduction To Adware & Spyware

Spyware and Adware are exactly what their names implies. They are merely software that gets implanted on your computer that spies on your activity and then serves you ads (usually in the form of pop-ups) associated with the content you are viewing.

For instance, let’s say you are shopping for shoes and visit a famous shoe store website. The “spyware” or “adware” sees you are shopping for shoes, and then pops up an advertisement for shoes. The makers of these malicious programs make money from the ads from the advertisers, who often do not realize how their ads are being served!

But it goes far beyond just advertising. Some spyware programs can monitor every keystroke you make on your computer… collecting all of this information such as logins and passwords and then seamlessly sends this information back to them via YOUR email client all without you knowing. Pretty scarey eh?

Is there something you can do about it? Thankfully yes! Let’s discuss a few ways you can protect yourself.

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Step 1: Remove All Unnecessary Files

Automatic Removal: A quick way to remove unnecessary files from your computer is by using the “Disc Clean Up” feature already installed. To do this, click “Start.” Then, go to “All Programs,” and “Accessories.” Find “System Tools” and then “Disc Clean Up.”

By clicking this, a box will appear asking you which drive you want to clean. Normally, this is your (C:) drive. Click “Ok.” Now, a box has come up explaining which folders can safely be cleaned, and how much space you will free. Click “Ok” at the bottom, and then “Yes” to remove these files.

Manual Removal: To manually remove unnecessary files from your computer, as this is often what triggers the collection of even more spyware, follow the steps below.

1) Start by opening “My Computer”
2) Double click “Local Disc (C:)”
3) Double click “Documents and Settings”

Next, double click the folder that you use. This may be “Owner,” “Administrator,” or it may simply be your name.

Double click “Local Settings.” If you do not see “Local Settings” it may be because your computer is set to hide these folders. You can change this setting by clicking “Tools” at the top, then by clicking “Folder Options…” Then, click the “View” tab. Scroll down until you see “Show Hidden Files and Folders.” Then, click “Apply.” This should show you folders that were not previously shown.

Normally there are three folders here that you can clean. They are History, Temp, and Temporary Internet Files. Since IE7 has been released, there is an option to have History and Temporary Internet Files deleted each time you close your browser. If this is the case, you will only see the “Temp” folder, and an “Applications” folder.

Double click the “Temp” folder and delete anything inside. Note that some of these may not delete right away. The programs that have placed these temp files here may still be using them. It will tell you if they can be deleted or not. Once all of the “Temp” files are deleted, you can click the “Back” button and repeat that process with the “History” and “Temporary Internet Files” folders (if they are there).

Another folder that commonly stores temporary files is called “Prefetch.” This folder can be found in the main Window’s folder. It is not recommended that you open any other folders in the Window’s folder due to causing damage to your system.

1) Start by opening “My Computer”
2) Double click “Local Disc (C:)”
3) Double click “Windows”

Find the “Prefetch” folder and double click. Delete all files in this folder. If you do not see the “Prefetch” folder, follow the instructions above to “Show Hidden Files and Folders.”

As with anything you remove from your computer, the things you delete go directly to the Recycle Bin. To empty, right click on the “Recycle Bin” icon, and click “Empty Recycle Bin.”

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Use XoftSpy To Nuke Spyware & Adware

These are just a few simple steps that can be taken to assure that your computer stays in great shape, however for 100% full protection, our expert team recommends you use XoftspySE. This award winning software does all of the work for you so you can use your PC stress free! Download XoftSpy

With XoftSpy, removing spyware and adware from your computer is easier than you think. Something to remember is, XoftSpy is not just about removing, it is about preventing. XoftSpy, not only removes these threats, but prevents them as well.

Final Clean Up… The Most Important Step!

Once you have rid your system of unwanted SpyWare and AdWare, it is important to make sure your system registry is clean. How so? By using SpeedyPC! SpeedyPC will finish the job by fixing any corruptions SpyWare may have caused to your system registry in 2 minutes flat!


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