How To Increase PC Speed

How To Increase Computer Speed

Our reliance on computers has grown over the years, so much so that most of us depend heavily on the computer (and most of all, the internet) to be connected to the world. It used to be newspapers and radio broadcasts, but now with the advent of technology, we can get the latest news within seconds of it being uploaded.

But not only do we use the computer to keep ourselves in the know, a good majority of us depend on the computer for both work and leisure. So it’s understandable that we get frustrated when our computer exhibits signs of inefficiency by executing programs sluggishly.

If you’re looking for ways on how to increase computer speed, this article will show you just how.

How To Increase Computer Speed

Increasing your computer’s speed and productivity doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to spend hundreds for hardware upgrades. You don’t have to trade in your CPU for a quicker, faster one. In fact, you can simply consider the 3 unbeatable tips below.

First of all, imagine the insides of your computer being a house, and the data within your hard drive are the furniture within the house. Now, if you had a messy home, wouldn’t you have trouble getting from one point of the house to another? It’s the same with computers.

Over the years you may have installed and uninstalled programs into your computer, and the data of all these programs end up disorganized around the labyrinths of your computer’s memory banks. Your computer would have a hard time trying to find the data it requires for the different tasks it needs to do. So what would you do when you have a messy house?

You clean it of course. You rearrange the furniture neatly, sweep around the nooks and crannies, and you organize everything in such a way that you’ll be able to get around the house easier. You can do this with your computer by running the disk defragmenter to defragment your data and organize them neatly within your computer’s system. By doing this, your computer would be more efficient in trying to find the data it requires.

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Other Ways To Increase Computer Speed

Sometimes reorganizing data is not enough. When a house is too cluttered with old furniture and other junk, what do you do? You spring clean, of course. You should spring clean your computer as well. Use the Disk Cleanup utility to remove files you don’t necessarily need.

Simply click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then Disk Cleanup. You will be prompted about which files you’ll want deleted, and typically temporary Internet files are safe to be deleted.

Take a moment to vet through which files you feel comfortable in removing. Likewise, you should do the same with your programs. Look through your list of installed programs, determine which ones you need and don’t need, and uninstall the ones that you don’t need.

Click on Control Panel and choose Add Or Remove Programs. You should do this especially when you have unnecessary programs running in the background that steal your precious RAM and causes your computer to slow down.

See how easy it is? Follow these steps, and you’ll never have to wonder how to increase computer speed ever again, because you won’t have to in the first place.

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