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With over 80% of the world’s population having access to a broadband internet connection, it would seem that most people in the world today own either a PC or laptop computer for his or her own use.

The amount that we rely on the World Wide Web is indeed beyond our imagination as it has caused us to be very dependent on computers and mini computers e.g. PDAs. As computer users, we only demand the best out of our machines.

After all, paying a huge amount of money would mean that we are hoping to invest in a reliable, speedy and long-lasting computer. This is the reason why computer tune-up is very important and every computer user should be educated about its importance.

Why Get a Computer Tuneup?

To begin with, the purpose of a computer tuneup is to ensure that your PC is able to run smoothly in order to deliver tip top performance.  Plenty of tuning up techniques can be adopted. The techniques recommended in this article are the ones that are more trusted and affordable for most people to adopt.

To start tuning up your PC, you can try installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Such software is your lifebuoy when you are in the World Wide Web.

These basic tools will help to ensure that your PC is always protected from the potential dangers of PC viruses and spyware. These pesky leeches will scoop up all information from your PC while at the same time taking up a large amount of resources from your RAM.

The scariest part is that they will continue to chew on your RAM without you knowing it! Hence, remember to have a frequently updated anti-virus and anti-spyware installed on your computer.

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Update Your Computer

You must have also heard about various computer-related updates such as software updates, program updates and browser updates. These updates are necessary to keep your computer and its operating system updated with new softwares or applications that save you from new bugs.

Most of the softwares come with automatic updates. However as a precaution, make sure you manually check for updates. Do this once every week or two, treating this like it is a mini-maintenance routine. You should also update all your drivers regularly too.

Update All Your Drivers Automatically

Clean Up Your PC 

The third step calls for some cleaning and shelving. It is important that you go through your folders and files, deleting any unimportant files. Make it a habit to remove all unwanted files on a regular basis. And not to mention, at the end of the day, you will get to enjoy a smoother processing PC and the ability to find all you documents with greater ease.

Lastly, it is of utmost importance that you defragment your computer regularly. Defragmentation will allow all programs in your PC to be arranged neatly so that your PC will take a shorter time to retrieve the data needed when you open an application or program.

With each program that you install, your system changes and the older data might be shifted or duplicated into another file. Defragmentation will help to ensure that these folders get back to where they belong. Best of all, defragmentation is available for free. It comes with every Windows PC.

Who says that computer tune-ups are expansive and time consuming? If you want the best out of your PC, then these are some of the tiny things that you can do so as to save yourself from any torture in the near future. Have a great time tuning up your PC!

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