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Keep Your PC Hard Drive Clean

The first tip we want to share is concerning keeping your PC clean. Now many of you may be thinking that we are talking about washing your monitor screen, or dusting off your keyboard.

Actually we ARE talking about literal cleaning however, what we are really focusing on, is your hard drive in a literal and non-literal sense.

How many of you have your hard drive crammed under your desk, or hidden behind a door next to your desk?

This is OK however, your PC will needs to be removed and dusted regularly. Simply unplug all of the cords and bring it outside with a can of air air.

Open the case up and blast the dust away! A good rule of the thumb is to focus mainly on the areas where your cooling fans are; usually in the back.

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Review Installed Programs & Defrag Regularly

Another important tip would be to review your installed programs regularly and uninstall ones you either a) no longer use, or b) ones you only use once in a while. Just make sure you have the disks before you uninstall programs you may wish install again at a later time.

Make sure you run your system defragmentor tool regularly. Some individuals run this utility once per week, while others prefer once per month. We recommend not going longer than one month without defragging your system.

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Delete Your Temporary Internet Files

If you are an avid internet user, make sure you delete your temporary internet files regularly. You can do this by clicking “Tools” and “Internet Options” in your Internet Explorer menu bar. Once you delete these files, make sure you also delete your “History” which is also located there.There are also programs that can automatically delete these files for you. As a matter of fact, it is a great idea to have a software program that can permanently delete these files as they contain (in some instances) logins, passwords and other private important data that you don’t want anyone to see or know. Learn More

Protect Yourself From Spyware & Adware

What is SpyWare? SpyWare are small applications that get installed on your PC without you even knowing it that monitor your internet activity and serve you pop-ups and other ad types. Many SpyWare applications will slow your PC down to a crawl.

It is a good idea to scan your PC for these applications and remove them, and to protect yourself from further threats.

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Scan & Maintain Your Windows System Registry

Your system registry is the most important part of your actual operating system. As you install and uninstall programs and delete files, your system registry can become corrupt. Your system registry needs to be scanned and fixed regularly.Luckily there are software applications that can handle all of this for you in 2 minutes flat! SpeedyPC is our recommended choice!

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