Windows Update Error 646

Logan Albright

Have you been having a tremendously bad time with “Windows Update Error 646”? You may be also seeing “Windows Unknown Error 646”, which is essentially the same thing.

So fortunately, there are some ways that can help to solve this issue.

Windows Update Error 646 is an update error that occurs when you try to update Windows Vista. People claim that there is simply no solution, nothing can be done. However, there are some tips and tricks you can use.

First, try some simple things. Sometimes errors might look really scary, but aren’t as scary as you think. The first tip to try is to find out what didn’t update. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

Start by opening Windows Update by clicking the Start button, clicking “All Programs”,

and then clicking “Windows Update”…

  • In the left pane, click “View update history”.
  • Find an update for Windows that has failed to install, and then
  • double-click the update to view more information. Updates that have failed to install will display “Failed” under “Status”, next to the update name.
  • In the “Windows Update” dialog box, next to “Error details”, review the error
  • code for the failed update.
  • Either follow the links in the “Windows Update” dialog box under “More Information” or “Help and Support” to try to fix the problem, and then try installing updates again by using “Windows Update” in Control Panel” or post back with the error code so perhaps someone may be able to assist further.
  • After, run Windows update again in the control panel. If the same problems occur, try to go through Windows Help and Support, and get more insight.

Windows Update Error 646

If still no success, try again. Save what work you have, and use a system restore. Follow these steps to do so.  

  • Go to the “Start” button on the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  • Click the “All Programs” button.
  • In the “All Programs button” go to “Accessories”.
  • Once in “Accessories”, go to “System Tools”.
  • In “System Tools, you’ll find the button called “System Restore”, click it.

Once in “System Restore”, you’ll have two options in the first window, the first is to restore your system to an earlier point. The second is to create a restore point. Choose one and then click “Next”.

If you clicked “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, you should see a calendar with the dates for you to restore to, and a description of what happened that day that you can restore to. Choose one, and click “Next”.

After you’ve chosen your restore point, you are brought to a screen that tells you what your computer will do for the process to take place. Read over it and make sure that it is EXACTLY what you want, this way you know where you’re going to start from once your computer is back on.

If you chose the “Create a restore point”, you create an action and date that you modified your PC, and use that as a restore point. For example, if the 646 Error came up on Monday, during Windows Update, and you’d like to restore to that point, you’d enter “Friday, Dec. 25. Windows Update”.

From there, follow step 8 and your system should restore to the point you chose.

Here you are given dates and times that you can bring your system back to. All software will be brought back to that point of time, including your updates. Your computer will be re-booted too. After running the restore, try the up-dates again.

As a PC user it is inevitable that you will run across an error at some point. When we use our PC’s we store data, remove and add programs, and change it constantly.Eventually our PC’s become unstable, and they develop flaws in programs and applications that lead to update errors and system errors.

In other words, Windows Update Error 646 is an update error that occurred from another situation in your system.The best way to find out what happened is to trace back. Once you find the problem that caused the error, you can fix the problem. Fix the problem, fix Windows Update Error 646.

Like mentioned above, there is a way to fix these problems and errors that are causing your frustration. A Miracle you say? No. The software program RegCure is an incredibly fast and easy way to do this! RegCure will scan your PC and fix all your errors.

It’s a quick and easy solution to your PC problems. You can download it for free, and get your free scan, and then be fixing your errors, including Windows Update Error 646, in the next 2 minutes!

As soon as you fix Windows Update Error, all of your updates should be back on check, and your computer will be running the way YOU want it to be. Yes, it will be back to PC, not error infested machine that causes headaches and frustration!

By the way, have you tried re-booting your computer? After downloading RegCure, before your free scan, re-boot, and then follow the scan with another re-boot. This way, your computer can be refreshed and back on track.

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