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Windows Shutdown Errors

What Are Windows Shutdown Errors?

If you are running a Windows driven PC, then at some point you have probably tried to shut down your machine, only to have the shutdown procedure stall or halt.

Maybe your computer just rebooted itself instead of shutting down?

Perhaps surprisingly, not only are shutdown problems one of the most common Windows problems, they are also one of the problems that is most seldom resolved or dealt with swiftly, mainly because shut down problems tend to take a back seat to what appear to be more serious issues.

However, the fact that your machine will not close properly can often be indicative that there is something far more seriously wrong within the registry of your Windows system, and you therefore ignore such Shutdown errors at your own peril!

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What Are The Most Common Windows Shutdown Errors

By far the most common shutdown error is the tendency for your machine to reboot rather than to shutdown cleanly.

If you are using Windows XP, than this is likely to happen because XP is designed to automatically reboot following any critical Windows failure.

So, any slight defect or fault that occurs whilst shutdown is taking place can be seen by the system registry as exactly such a failure, and, thus, Windows will instruct the system to reboot.

The second most common shutdown error that you are likely to encounter is that the whole thing takes far too long!

To understand why, remember that Windows is not a single program, but is more of a collection of individual services, programs, files and folders.

Each one of these individual components must be stopped individually during shut down.

Therefore, any problems or glitches related to any one of these ‘sub’ systems will prolong the shut down process or sometimes cause the shutdown process to fail completely.

Yet another common cause of reboots during shutdown are minor ‘disagreements’ or incompatibilities between various hardware components.

Now, despite the fact that Microsoft do maintains a hardware compatibility list, most people don’t pay any attention to it, and so they would often be unaware that such incompatibilities exist.

The vast majority of the time, these minor hardware issues go completely unnoticed, as they do not generally cause too many problems, but they can sometimes manifest themselves in the form of repeated reboots during the shutdown procedure.

Some people have shutdown problems that seem to be attributable to the NVIDIA Driver Helper Service (used with NVIDIA video cards, which are incredibly common) which seem to cause extremely slow shutdowns. However, simply updating the video driver itself will usually solve this problem.

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How To Fix Windows Shutdown Errors

The first thing that must be stressed here is that, whilst Shutdown errors are not of themselves generally that serious, they are telling you that something is not  right within the Windows operating system of your machine,

By the nature of these things, by the time that your PC is telling you that there is trouble, then the problem itself is pretty well advanced already.

You should take Shutdown errors more seriously, and fix them as quickly and as early as you can, if you do not want far more serious and potentially damaging operating system errors to manifest themselves.

The first thing that you can do to repair Windows shutdown errors is to try to isolate what is causing the errors in the first place.

If you have external drivers or devices connected to your PC, disconnect them and see if that makes a difference. If it does then you have just located the cause of the problem.

You can try disabling the ‘restart on system failure’ setting (which does exactly as the name might suggest it would!).

To do this, right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties’ from the resulting shortcut menu.

When you see ‘System Properties’ click the ‘Advanced’ tab and then ‘Settings’ from the ‘Startup and Recovery’ section.

Deselect the ‘Automatically Restart’ check box, click OK, and you’re done.

That might work, but, there again, it might not!

Far better to use a simple and quick way to find the problems, on that you know will also present a simple solution to the problems as well.

For the sake of both speed and efficiency, you should use a program like SpeedyPC to scan the registry of your PC, as that will highlight every problem and potential problem that you have, including Shutdown errors.

Then, use the program itself to fix and repair Startup errors and any other problems that it finds quickly, efficiently and, above all else, completely.

If you want to do the job properly, then you must have and use the proper tools to do so.


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    Recently my laptop cannot go into the windows page and keep restarting before i reach the windows page.
    Can you give me a solution.

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    one of our pc in our internet cafe just shuts down and we dont know why does it happened….it just shuts down estimately 5 to 10 minutes after we turn it on..what can be the the possible problem for this? please e mail me immediately coz we cant handle it…

  3. wind:

    HELLO , pls help me when i on computer then reach to destop then it show a box it said system shutdown within 10 sec then another black box is like cmd on top on bar wrote window system 32./cmd.exe

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    My computer is turning off completely by itself. What can be causing this problem?

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    my computer turning off and in 3 second automatic turning by it self please help thank you.

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    i dont like any of the pc cure products because when i would install them,it caused alot of issues as far as making my pc shut down n crash n stall,and when i would un install them,the prob would be fixed
    auslogics.com has better things for the pc,hate to say it

  7. stella:

    to joan and corona? i had this problem b4 as well andthe power source was the root of the problem–when the power source begins to go it will act like this,then by the fan youll see it burning ,then shuts off,if this happens,please dont throw away the pc because a power source can be replaced for under 100 dollars———
    for any1 whos pc is shutting down itself,its more than likely a power source issue
    you can mail me or info sdt41@yahoo.com

  8. amna:

    i get a message when shutting down my pc (windows xp) ending program–dde server window or iexplore.exe or dummy.sometimes two or sometimes just single appears and then it shuts down?what is this error and how should i fix it?

  9. anna:

    hi my computer doesn’t work properly when i open it after a few minutes it automatically shutdown and and my computer wont open huhuhu i wish you can give a solution for it

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    Meanwhile, a long winded artical about windows shutdown problems exsists here…….. A short and sweet, “Just do this….”, would be nice. Too much time writing essays, perhaps? A quick solution, perhaps? I want to fix the problem now, not spending 15 minutes of reading the history of Windows(r) to find out how to make the stupid thing shut down. “Keep it Real”

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    my laptop restarts after being started

  12. Ryan li:

    Thanks I haven’t tied this yet but I hope this works

  13. yanish:

    Recently my pc cannot go into the windows page and keep restarting before i reach the windows page.i am using windows 7
    Can you give me a solution



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