Windows Installer Errors

What Is The “Windows Installer”?

As the name most probably suggests, the Windows Installer is the element of the Window operating system on your PC that is responsible for the correct installation and uninstallation of new programs.

Therefore, if there are errors with the Installer, it would be quite common to see error messages something along the lines of the following examples:

  • “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed”
  •  “Windows Installer Service couldn’t be started”
  •  “Could not start the Windows Installer service on Local Computer. Error 5: Access is denied.”

The fact that a program that you were trying to install or uninstall would not actually do what you are requesting might also indicate that there is a problem with the Installer too, although this might be nothing more than a program problem, rather than something amiss within your registry.

The basic job of the Window Installer is to check that, when the PC user tries to install a new program, all the necessary registry helper files (the .dll’s) are in place, and that everything that the program needs to run is either on the PC already, or comes as part of the Installer package.

And, it does a pretty similar thing, albeit in reverse when you are uninstalling a program as well.

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What Causes “Windows Installer Errors”?

The first and most obvious observation to make is that the Installer is, by definition, very closely associated with all programs and uninstallations that ever take place.

Install and uninstall operations are notorious for causing all sorts of problems within the Windows registry, and so, perhaps it should be no surprise that the Installer itself can be susceptible to such errors.

Furthermore, Microsoft themselves actively encourage other software designers and manufacturers to incorporate Windows MSI (installers) into their programs as the ‘norm’ for program install and uninstall operations.

Not every software manufacturer has the levels of technology or programming and software development expertise that Microsoft has on-call access to 24/7.
There’s a very good chance that some programs simply come ‘pre-loaded’ with an Installer that is just not very good, in other words.

Another problem is caused by the fact that there are literally thousands upon countless thousands of software programs in the market that are designed to run on a Windows based PC.

Sometimes two or more of these programs will conflict with one another, with the result that the install itself does not work properly, and one or more of the Installers suffer damage.

There are literally hundreds of possible reasons why a Windows Installer might become damaged or error prone.

The more important question to address is how to fix these problems when they do occur (as they inevitably will, at some point).

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How To Fix “Windows Installer Errors”

Like all individual component parts of the total that is the Widows operating system of your PC, dealing with problems and errors with Windows Installers is a two part process.

Step one is to ascertain exactly what the problems are, and how or why the errors are occurring. And, like almost every other ‘sub-program’ of Windows, that is going to be far easier said than done!

The reason for this is very simple. Every single element of the registry that underlies your Windows system relies on a mass of other elements within the system, in order to be able to function correctly.

Thus, malfunctions, defects and errors never occur in isolation, and as soon as an error begins to manifest itself in one tiny ‘corner’ of Windows, problems and errors begin to break out all over the place, simply because the first error caused them to!

Thus, finding every single problem manually, by ‘playing detective’ within your Windows registry system is just not a realistic option.

Although it is by no means impossible to deal with the problem in this manner, it would take up a massive amount of time and effort to do so, and that is time and effort that could probably be spent far more usefully doing something productive!

Then there is the question of fixing everything. Even assuming that every single, miniscule problem could be located after hours (or maybe days) of work, carrying out the repair and replacement of the damaged registry elements manually would once again be something of a nightmare.

The solution, of course is to use the right tools to do the job in hand.

First, use SpeedyPC to run a deep registry scan of your system to highlight all of the problems and error that you have buried within Windows (there will probably be hundreds of them!)

Then, download SpeedyPC, activate it and use it to fix everything that it found, quickly, thoroughly and safely.

Use the correct tools, and the job is literally a cinch!


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