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Logan Albright - Windows Freezes

Anyone with a computer has to deal with performance issues at one point or another. When Windows freezes while you are using your computer you know that you have a serious problem that you need to deal with.

There are many issues that can cause Windows to freeze, unfortunately fixing any of them isn’t a simple matter. You may have a virus, or spyware, a fragmented hard drive or a registry problem.

Ignoring the problem is certain to make it worse, and may end up causing permanent damage to your computer. While most of us are now very computer literate there is a big difference between using a computer and fixing one that is having problems.

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Manual Solution for Windows Freeze

Finding a solution when Windows freezes first means determining what caused the problem.

If it is a fragmented hard disk you need to:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Accessories
  3. Click System Tools
  4. Click Disk Defragmenter
  5. Run the tool (can take a while so be prepared)

If it’s a virus then running an anti virus scan in safe mode might help solve the problem. In the event that Windows freezes as a result of registry errors then enabling updates through Microsoft might solve the problem.

In severe cases you might even be forced to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows (eek!). All of these solutions take a good level of technical expertise, more so than the average computer user might have. While you can attempt to fix the problem yourself, making an error while trying to repair your computer could cause more harm than good.

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Can you afford to not have your computer running? Many people use their computers to keep in touch with friends and family through email and social networks. Many others use theirs to either earn their living or supplement their income. You simply can’t risk trying to repair your computer when Windows freezes unless you know what your doing. While going to a professional is an option, it is an expensive option to consider.

Automatic Solution for Windows Freeze

Fortunately there is another solution to consider when Windows freezes. Why not use software to diagnose and fix your computer. By using software that can repair problems and keep your computer optimized you can avoid having problems in the first place.

Nobody wants to deal with computer problems. Unfortunately they come up, and when they do they can be a major inconvenience. Hiring a professional every time Windows freezes is probably something that isn’t on your budget.

Attempting to fix a problem when your not sure what your doing is a bad idea. Using software that can repair a fragmented hard drive and help keep your computer optimized is the smart choice.

It’s simple, easy, and highly effective. Best of all when you stop to consider the time and money that can be lost due to a computer that isn’t running right, it’s a great value.

When Windows freezes it is an indication that there is definitely something wrong with your computer. Don’t ignore the problem, and don’t waste money on a professional. Make the smart choice and use software to keep your computer running right.

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