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Slow Windows Shutdown

Introduction To Slow Windows Shutdown

Nothing can be more annoying than shutting your PC down and waiting 5-10 minutes for it to shut off.

This can be extremely aggrevating especially since most individuals HATE waiting longer than 30 seconds for anything!

This article will discuss how you can get your PC shutting down much faster so you can get on with your normal life.

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One Possible Solution

Every PC has a virtual memory which uses what is called a, “system pagefile to swap between memory and disk when not in use. there is a simple setting that could eliminate your slow shutdown altogether!

Uisng XP Professionsal (only) open your “group Policy Editor”. Next, click “Start”, “Run” and type the following line in the available field: Secpol.msc

Next, click “Local Properties” and “Security Options” and In the right pane, locate ” Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile” and set it to “Disabled”.

This may or may not resolve your slow shutdown issue.

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Turn Off Programs Running In The Background

Many individuals may not realize it but you may have several programs running in the background. Why are they running in the background? many applications are set to do this upon install so that when you go to open them, your wait will be shorter. However, you pay the price with a slow shutdown.

To find out if you have programs running in the background, you can access your “System Configuration Utility” by clicking “Start, then “Run” and type “msconfig” in the available field. next, navigate to the “Start Up” tab:

The easiest way to manage these programs safely is to use a software product such as RegCure. RegCure can manage this process for you fast, easy and effortlessly!

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Fix Your System Registry

Another leading cause for a slow Windows shutdown is a corrupt system registry. When you ad and remove programs, and also delete files your system registry many times can become corrupt and will need to be repaired and cleaned.

Our expert team recommends SpeedyPC! SpeedyPC will have your PC shutting down like normal in 2 minutes flat!


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    This is useful info in our IT Field Thanks
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