RunDll Errors

Introduction To RunDll Errors

RunDll errors are most commonly caused by “corrupt” installs or incomplete un-installs of pc programs, or from hardware drivers. The result is a RunDll error when Windows tries unsuccessfully to locate a particular file when the utility attempts to load.

RunDll errors can also be caused by a number of other things such as viruses, corrupt software, spyware or malware, or device drives.

Almost every Windows user faces some sort of system failure contributed to RunDll errors at some point and time. This article will hopefully help you to understand what they are, and rid them easily.

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How To Rid RudDll Errors Due To SpyWare

The method you select to rid the RunDll errors weighs heavily on the reason behind them. If these errors are caused due to spyware or malware, you must run an anti-spyware program to track these annoyances down which will rid them and leave your PC clean. We recommend XoftSpySE which can be downloaded here.

Before you run the anti-spyware software, we recommend disabling system restore (which erases previous restore points) that way you can never restore your pc back to it’s previous infected condition. You can simply re-enable system restore after you have ran the anti-spyware utility.

Turn Off system restore before scanning for spyware and malware which can cause RunDll errors.

Once you rid your pc of spyware and malware, restart your pc to see if you continue to get the error. If so, your RunDll error is caused by something other than spyware or malware. Keep your system restore disabled for now.

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How To Rid RunDll Errors Due To Corruption

If spyware or malware wasn’t causing your RunDll error, then the most likely cause is corrupt software installations or uninstallations.

In this case, try to uninstall and reinstall any recently added software. If the RunDll errors continue to occur, restart Windows. Many times this procedure solves the problem. Here is a detailed view of what you need to do:

1) Identify recently installed programs
2) Uninstall them
3) reboot your computer
4) If the RunDll error is gone, reinstall your programs one at a time
5) After each install, reboot Windowsin an attempt to see the error
6) If the RunDll error is gone you are home free
7) If it comes back, identify the software culprit and contact it’s manufacturer
8) Uninstall the program and reboot
9) Re-enable system restore

You can also use SpeedyPC to resolve DLL corruption. SpeedyPC’s technology can scan your PC and resolve RunDll errors in one click. SpedyPC can even scan your PC regularly keeping it in optimum health so these problems will never occur again. Download the ultimate RunDll nuker today!


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