Repair BCCode Errors

What Is a BCCode?

BCCodes stands for ‘Bug Check Codes’, which is just a Microsoft way of saying that your computer has just suffered some form of serious error, and that it is about to close down or stop so that it can check the bug that caused the problem.

This would generally be a sign that the problem that you have with your PC is serious, and is often followed by the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’, accompanied by a listing of the BCCode error that caused the shut down in the fist place.

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Possible BCCode Issues

As suggested above, when BCCodes errors occur it is generally not that hard to spot the problem as the likelihood is that your PC will close down.

Alternatively, it is not unknown for your computer to go into a permanent restart ‘loop’ wherein it will simply keep rebooting itself, sometimes without even getting as far as opening up your Windows operating system at all.

There are several possible reasons why this may happen.

Some anti-virus programs have been known to conflict with programs that are already installed on a PC and as a result of this mismatch between the two, the PC suffers a BCCode error and closes down.

If therefore you have recently installed new anti-virus software before a BCCode problem first arises, then this may very well be the culprit.

Repair BCCode Errors

On the other hand, it may be that a virus itself is causing the problem.

BCCode errors are often associated with faulty multi-media and games programs as well, as these use considerable amount of both memory and power to operate properly.

Perhaps most commonly, and somewhat more seriously, a BCCode error followed by the BSOD will often indicate a hardware problem or perhaps even a component failure. Problems with the central processing unit (CPU) or the motherboard will often cause BCCode enforced shut downs.

Even something as simple as using an incorrect and under supplied power supply could cause a BCCode problem of this type, as your machine is simply not getting the power that it needs to accomplish all of the tasks that you are asking it to do.

Especially if you are asking it to do something that requires a lot of processing power and memory (e.g. multi-media or games applications) then it will not have enough power to do the job, and will go into ‘bug check’ mode as a consequence.

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How To Repair BCCode Errors

As always, start by checking the simplest things first.

For example, are you using the correct power supply? If so, has it become damaged in any way, so that it may no longer be fully functional?

Perhaps your machine will not start properly?

If not, then your next move will depend to some extent on how far it gets through the boot cycle. You may need to try rebooting the machine from your original operating system CD, or starting it in safe mode by hitting the F8 key whilst it is starting, so that you can investigate matters further with Windows ‘live’.

Have you undertaken a virus scan recently? If not, then now would probably be a very good time to do so!

On the other hand, if you have recently installed any new software, perhaps you should consider uninstalling it to see if that helps. But, if you do so, make sure that the program is thoroughly uninstalled, as a partially finished uninstallation could make the problem worse rather than better!

Finally, you will need to run a thorough registry scan, as there will undoubtedly be errors and malfunctions within your Windows operating system that need addressing.

By using a professional quality program like SpeedyPC to run a complete deep system check (for free), you will be able to isolate all of the problems that you are at this moment having to ‘work around’ which may be one of the factors contributing to your BCCode problems.

Then, all you need to do is download and install SpeedyPC so that it can repair all of the problems that it has just isolated, this returning your machine to a far more efficient state of operations!


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