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Program Not Responding

Logan Albright - Program Not Responding

Introduction To “Program Not Responding”

Scenerio 1: You’re sitting in front of your PC and you decide to open an application. You double click the icon and you are now looking at an hour glass. You continue to wait and watch as the hour glass keeps spinning. Finally after two to three minutes you get the dreaded message, “Program Not Responding”.

Scenerio 2: You’re currently working with an application such as Excel. You have spent over an hour putting together a killer spreadsheet, when all of the sudden the program locks up and freezes. Finally after two to three minutes you get the dreaded message, “Program Not Responding”.

Does this look familiar? In this case, the Windows program “Notepad” is not responding. This of course can happen to any application. Ok, now sit back and relax while we explain how to get rid of this annoyance.

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Least Common Causes

The most popular questions we receive surrounds the fact that people want to know why in the world this happens? There are several reasons for this annoying entity.

First, as you add and remove programs, your system files become scattered throughout your hard drive. This term is called, “fragmented”. Sometimes running your disk defragmenter utility will fix the problem but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

Another reason for this is your PC could be infected with melicious SpyWare or AdWare. These tiny programs which run in the background of your PC monitor your every move and slow your computer down to a crawl.

Unfortuneatly one of the symptoms from these programs is receiving the dreaded “Program Not responding” error message.

Our recommendation? Download XoftspySE and run a thorough scan. XoftspySE will find and destroy these programs in 2 minutes flat!

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The Most Common Cause… & The Solution!

The third reason (and most common) is a corrupt system registry. As you install and un-install programs, your registry can become corrupt and unstable.

Just as your car needs regular tune ups, your PC also needs regular maintenance. SpeedyPC can solve your “Program Not Responding” messages!

Once you have rid your system of unwanted SpyWare and AdWare, and ran your first ‘clean up” scan, it is important to make sure your system registry is cleaned at regular intervals. How so? By using SpeedyPC!

SpeedyPC will scan your PC regularly and keep your PC running faster than ever! Our experts recommend SpeedyPC!


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PCaholic Visitor Shout Box

  1. Zachary Cook:

    Shut down and restart computer

  2. Zachary Cook:

    Shut down and restart the computer when you know you have an error

  3. kennyu:

    My windows xp laptop is slow or nonresponsive..evertying eles works. I just can’t get online
    I’m on my brothers pc
    can u give any advice

  4. Steve:

    Need to stop ‘program not responding’ frequently before I do! :)

  5. Darlene Lewis:

    I purchased the speedy scan program yesterday. It is a great program and reall helped my pc get faster!

  6. Joy:

    Hi, besides the programs you are selling… I have AVG free version, I have Spyware Dr paid, Windows Defender and I have Reg Boost Paid, (clean register) and I am still having trouble with “Not responding”
    All these claim to help and they did for a while, but today they aren’t. Can you email me a note as to what else I could do. I don’t want to puchase any more stuff, because what I have should do it. Is there anything free that would help?
    Thanks .


  7. drth:

    I like CCleaner. It won’t fix everything, but it’s highly regarded, and it’s free. Do a google search.

  8. lynne:

    mozilla firefox will not open something is missing please help. ive been at this for a week or more. not very good with computer repair.

  9. ghghg:

    Suree, except I already scanned my computer… this is made so you buy these programs, turn around.

  10. verawhite:

    remove not responding

  11. hitesh:

    please please……’ remove not responding

  12. Rohit:

    abe solution to dal !!!!!!!!!!!
    abe agar hai be to kahn hai

  13. desiree:

    windows media player dont want to open

  14. leo melerine:

    not responding

  15. Leroy Risley:

    I can not download you program , my computer stops loading and when I start the program over ,it starts at the begining and then stops again…

  16. Michael David Mills:

    I Am Searching For A Permanent Solution For This Annoyance And One That Removes It For Free With No Cost.

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