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PC Screen Freeze

Logan Albright - PC Screen Freeze

What Is PC Screen Freeze?

Everybody who has ever used Windows driven PC will know that moment when the screen, and seemingly everything else, ‘freezes’.

All of a sudden you can’t move your mouse cursor, close programs or windows, or basically do anything at all, other than sit and look at a totally immobile display panel!

Everything on the screen is frozen in its current condition, so what do you do now?

Well, the first thing to do is to try being patient, waiting a few seconds to see what actually happens. Often, such a freeze is a temporary thing and everything will start functioning again in a perfectly normal manner in a few short moments.

If that doesn’t work, then you need to move to ‘plan B’ but, before we consider what that might be, lets look at what actually causes your PC screen to freeze up so dramatically in the first place.

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What Causes PC Screen Freeze?

The most common and least dangerous cause of your PC screen freezing is the fact that your machine is using all of it’s RAM memory at that particular moment.

There is simply no memory free to run anything.

So, your machine cannot do anything at all until the program that is ‘RAM hogging’ stops doing whatever it is doing, and frees up some RAM to get things moving again.

PC Screen Freeze

Always remember that for every program that you have running in the foreground, the stuff that you have actually started yourself, there are many, many other programs running deep inside your PC as well.

So it is actually quite easy for your PC to have the RAM memory running at 100% capacity, without too much effort on your part!

Another possible screen freeze cause might be the sheer number of programs that you have running at the same time.

Each one is using up some RAM and eventually, if you have enough running at the same time, you will hit 100% RAM capacity usage, at which point you will see the inevitable screen freeze until the system gets a little less busy.

If the freeze up seems a little less temporary than this, then there are two possible causes.

The first possibility is that there is an error or fault in the Windows registry itself, and it is this system fault that is causing the frozen screen. This is the most likely cause.

The final and most serious possibility is that it is a virus in your machine that is causing the error. If this is the case, then the chances are that you wouldn’t be reading this right now, as a screen freeze caused by a virus could very well turn out to be a terminal problem.

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How To Fix “Computer Screen Freeze”

The first question is whether the problem is purely a short term temporary one, or something a little more serious.

Working out the answer to this one is dead simple. When it freezes, give it a few seconds to see if it unfreezes itself. Chances are that at least 90% of the time, that will do the trick.

If not, it may still be a temporary problem, only it is a little more stubborn!

Press the ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Del’ buttons all at the same time, and you should bring up the Windows Task Manager frame. See if any program is shown in the ‘Applications’ window as not being responsive.

If anything shows, highlight it and click the ‘End Task’ toggle.

Give it a few seconds, and the non-responsive programs or application should shut down. The chances are pretty good that this will sort it out.

If neither of these work, and the error appears a bit less temporary, then you have to bring on the ‘big guns’, by applying the correct software programs to the problem/

It is highly likely that you already have some kind of anti-virus software on your PC – if so, run a full virus scan now. If you don’t have anti-virus software already, you can download the program from Kaspersky.

Run your anti-virus scan in full just in case, but the chances are good (and you should hope) that it is not a virus infection.

If not, then you have problems somewhere within the Windows registry.

Again it makes good sense to use the correct software to trace and then fix the problems.

Run a free scan using the excellent SpeedyPC software, which should locate and isolate all of the potential problems within the registry of your PC (that is, not ONLY the problems causing the screen freeze).

Then, simply download the software, and use it to get rid of whatever bugs, defects and errors there are in your Window system, some of which are more than likely behind the  frozen screen problems.


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PCaholic Visitor Shout Box

  1. BILL:


  2. christi:

    when i turn my computer on it freezes on the blue window that has the windows xp logo and it will not go past that. all system shuts down and the cd rom will not work either what is wrong with my computer can someon help me

  3. Michael Shaw:

    How can you run any program scan or registry if your screen is frozen and nothing works? What is my problem now?

  4. Janice:

    My computer takes “forever” to start – multiple start-ups – then shuts down because of some error on a blue screen, which does not remain on long enough to read any contents.

  5. Nathan:

    I decided to download google earth to have a look. I downloaded it from Google and it all installed fine. When I tried to run Google Earth my screen froze and everything stopped working. I clicked the mouse button a few times and my PC beeped once at me. (Short Beep) After that nothing would work at all. I have to turn it off and turn it on again. It does this with certain programs I install or download. Problem is they are all safe programs from trusted sites or companies.

    Does anyone have any answers

    Thanks Nathan

  6. Yorgi S:

    Who is this Yorgi S. Is it backwards for sigroy.. sigfried and roy? tapping themself on the back for a clever marketing stunt?

    Oh yes, you can see the network of websites which have a recommendation by “yorgi s” easily enough in google.

    email required? now i suppose they have somewhere to spam about all their products

  7. Muggy:

    I seem to have the screen freeze, and can’t do anything, after trying all I know (???) I have to shut it off at the power bar, after about an hour or so, I can then turn it back on and restart. I don’t know if I am doing any damage, but so far it is my answer. I don’t know how you can run a scan when everything is frozen.

  8. Michelle:

    Thank you, very helpful :)

  9. Tom Mullan:

    My 2nd PC started freezing after upgrading RAM from 256MB to 2GB. I ran RegCure and cleaned registry plus defrag / anti virus/ and cleaned out all junk files and history. Still freezes. Using “3 Broadband” wireless USB and it gets very hot. In process of getting it changed. After upgrading RAM, is it possible that the BIOS needs updated as the motherboard was updated a few years back,
    Also, the graphics card is a Nividia GE force 2MX/MX400,
    Can the problem be compatibility between the Graphics card and the higher 2GB RAM now installed

  10. tony:

    it freeze nothing can be move i turned on and off too many times already,can not get to the bios to change theboot from harddrive to the cd recovery,what i need to do now beside looking at the dead screen,help please

  11. Gavin M:

    I am at my whits end witrht he blue screen of death frequenting my laptop to frequently. I ran scan after acan (McAfee) and notihng showed – I removed McAfee, installed Norton ’10 and for around 10 days things were pretty normal and blue screen had only reappeared once. Is there any clear to give explanation as to what this is, and what can I do to see rid of it? Many thanks indeed. Gavin.

  12. ken paschal:

    this freezing pc has been my problem since i bought my pc. i have reformatted my pc yet the problem persists.i ha ve concluded plan to buy a new laptop but let me try your product.i will give you feedback.

  13. Omar:

    Hi … I read your Message but on another Device Because my Other Pc will not work and it will freezing and it will not give me a chance to put SPEEDY PC on it … what am i Suppose to do in this case ? please i want Answer

  14. Bob Smith:

    Load your PC in safe mode if you can’t get in regular. F8 then Safe Mode with Networking is what you want.

  15. hoz:

    Gavin M: The problem may actually be mcafee, it has been known to be resouce hogging, so while you are doing work etc. you may think it is running silently in the background but in fact it could be taking all the memory available to protect your pc so RAM is most probably being used by Mcafee. To find out if Mcafee is causing the problems uninstall it and remove everything as long as you have the cd to reinstall. Go on to http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/anti-virus_trial this is a great anti virus system. once you run this trial free for a month check and see if your computer freezes. Another thing is that you could go to a local computer store and ask about installing more RAM. depending on what kind of RAM you need it could cost anything between £20 – £100 or more. But do not get turned away because thjis can be a possible long term soultion to your screen freezing up. Hope this helps.

  16. jon:

    when i play pokemon diamond (ds emulator) the pc freezes after like 30 minutes. it happens all the time.

  17. denstan:

    i need help computer freeze every time i use internet

  18. Aggelos:

    I have recently downloaded a antivirus software(Bitdefender 2010).I installed it and after i restarted my computer , a window popped and said if i wanted to apply something on internet explorer , and when I say no , then nothing can be opened the only thing I can do is moving the mouse. I have Windows xp home edition.What can I do?

  19. tony long:

    cmputer freezes up

  20. Kathi:

    When turning on my laptop, it freezes on the Gateway computer screen. Nothing you already mentioned works. How can I wipe it clean and reload all programs and drivers?

  21. Joe van Wyk:

    Hi – I’ve got a screen freez problem with my sound going ‘hackidy-dack’ (t-t-t-t-t) I even bought a new screen card and still the same problem. It might be windows registry – but know nothing of this and how to fix it (if it’s the actual problem) I do agree on the possibility of ram depletion – but it doesn’t make sense – If got 4Gb of ram – Quad-core and then I play a game for 15-20min and freez !! (along with sound note repetition). Sometimes in Windows as well (10 min after I’m in windows) ?? Please please help. Joe -

  22. lavernerussell:

    my pc keeps frezin up an runnin slow

  23. Ron sutherland:

    I had recurrent screen freeze. After reading loads of advice on the wqeb I decided to take the simplest solution first.
    I hoovered the dust out of all of the fans and patrs of the computer that are accessible.
    Now it is running fine so I assume that the dust was causing the fans to work less efficiently and the PCU etc was heating up and so causing freeze.
    I would recomment that everyone try this solution first as it is a lot cheaper than all the complex solutions that I have read on the web.

  24. ron:

    i do online racing at i racing . com, a couple months ago my computer started freezing during the races, i would half to do a manual shut down to get out, i racing put a gauge on my screen to see if anything would change during this problem. the only change was in frames per second, it normaly runs at 51 fps, but when my screen does its slow down it drops to 7 or 9 fps. any ideas. PC Pro spen about 5 hours in my computer and cold not find any problem, a computer shop in town could find no problems, but i still have problems. ron

  25. Thomas:

    Hi, my laptop when out of battery in the middle of a disk check, and when i restarted it and it finished the disk check the dektop pops up, i cant move my mouse but no programs starts up, NONE. and it says that windows is not responding. HOW DO I RUN A FULL VIRUS SCAN WHEN I CANT USE MY PC !? (i dont want to reset my pc)

  26. eubin:

    my computer froze and i cant even log in the bottom bar outline shows but other than that its still on the login page. i was trying to move some files but i put them on my desktop and now my screen froze. only the start button worked so i put it my laptop on stand by. it brought me to the login page but when i logged in it didnt work and the screen froze.

  27. vanessa:

    help! I cant get rid of a backgammmon game that i was playing

  28. wtf:

    i hate sites that try to sell you crap, if your pc pauses then it will be registry try this software it will fin dthe problems, they dont metion money, all these programs claim you have 600 probs then fix one of them and please buy to fix the other 599

  29. raymon:

    my screen freezes when i play my online game.

  30. Craig:

    screw dat, I know someone who ran one of those “FREE” scans, messed up his machine and had to buy the not so free software to put it back where it was “FIXED IT”

  31. Lindy:

    My Pc’s system sofware froze after installing an antivirus. I’ve tried troubleshooting to no avail. I’ve also tried to unistall it but there’s no reponse. What should i do now?

  32. sudesh:

    none of ur solutions worked for me .. i am using gateway laptop 3gb ram ..512 graphics .. win 7 premium .since the day i bought tis laptop i am facing this problem of freezing .. once it freezes i try to restart forcefully usin power button but it freezes at startup logo . this problem persists for couple of days and goes ..and after some days again i hv same prblm :(

  33. dramalama:

    This fails, when i press Ctrl Alt Del nothing happens even though I know its supposed to.

  34. Chalmers:

    This site offers no solution. It is merely a sales site for SpeedyPC software.Don’t be duped by it!

  35. ginny lord:

    I have a blue screen on my Dell 1450 lap top. There is much information on how to fix the problem. Because I am unable to to to access any programs on my lap top because it is frozen with a fatal error blue screen, I don’t know how to get around this problem. Right now I am using a second computer

    Thank you

  36. dante870:

    my pc gets gray screen freeze while gaming and has nothing to do with the game req.. dont know what to do

  37. gregory:

    i have the freezing problem aswell , when i play games , althou my prestation index is 3.3 high and it worked all before it’s just the last week i started to get those problems after my pc shutted down for a auto update. and now when i wanna play online games my pc freezes and i get wierd screen glitches , any idea what coud cause that?

  38. Nicole:

    I custom built my computer using an Asus Motherboard with an AMD 64 processor; I have 2GB of ram currently installed and a 250GB HD installed. When my screen freezes up, it totally freezes and everything on the screen becomes “blurred”…that’s the only way that I can describe it. I am also running two Nvidia GeForce 8400 series cards that are fairly new…only 3 years old. All drivers are up to date, so I’m curious if anyone has any ideas as to what else it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    **Note – My screen only freezes if I’m running lots of video, or a game

  39. Mary Mills:


  40. Ron H:

    Considering I am asking this question on another PC, then it is obvious that i cannot do any of the functions you suggest while my comouter is frozen. Did that not at least cross your mind.

  41. Margaret Skarsten:

    My PC screen freeze whenever I leave it running on a site. When returning in about 30 minutes….everything is frozen. Then I manually turn off the PC…count to 10 and mannually turn it back on again thus proceed with the booting. This started about 3 weeks ago and annoying. However, if I stay here and surf it will not freeze. Yet. when leaving it Freezes.

  42. Mike Allen:

    Sometimes my screen freezes for just a few seconds. Some times my screen flashes black then off then back on. Sometimes reboots itself comes up to the screen to reboot normally or troubleshoot problem. Some times sound cuts in and out every half second. Ran two different virus checkers and a program to find and fix problems but problem either comes back or is still there.

  43. Ansh Yadav:

    Just read your article, it is really great. you put hard work on it. but i had one thing to ask from you. i think that if our internal components are not clean from months and become dusty. So this can be reason for PC freezing problem. if it was so then how to clean laptop internally. as i m student i feel fear to open laptop and clean. please suggest me.

  44. Mike:

    My screen has frozen whilst running an upgrade on Home Premium. Have tried everyway explained on line but cannot get any response. Alt, Ctrl and delete don’t budge. Are there any function keys that can help. The screen seems stuck in a larger mode how do I minimise the screen from Alt or Function keys?

  45. Lydia:

    My surface tablet screen froze and now if I turn it off the screen stays on, if I Press the home button nothing happens. It just stays the same, it won’t turn off at all and I’m deeply stressed by it, what should I do to fix it? Should I wait until the battery runs out and it dies?

  46. Lyvon Morris:

    I turn my computer on and it runs fine, about ten minutes later it starts to freeze up

  47. Evelyn Hepper:

    While on the internet, the screen froze. I am unable to continue
    with this current situation.

  48. Anna:

    Hi I have a a problem. I left my mac running on all night because I had to run Matlab. Now to do this I turned off the lights on the computer by setting the brightness to zero cause I thought that would be best and now this morning my computer is still busy running the programe Matlab cause the disk is running still. I am wondering what too do!!!!??? Should I be worried ?

  49. Travies:

    My laptop computer froze on my front page screen where I put in my password to open up my computer, the problem is because the arrow won’t move, I can’t even put it on the information needed to open up my computer, put in my password nothing, I have tried to do it another way but nothing works, I actually need my arrow to move when I start the computer up, so that I can select what’s needed, Can you help me??

  50. iron knight cheat:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve
    found something that helped me. Cheers!

  51. Jerry:

    My desktop has Windows 7. Yesterday I turned it on and it took forever (15 minutes) to load and when it was done all I saw was the Windows screen without the GUI and the cursor frozen and it will not take any input from the keyboard or the cursor!! Totally frozen. What does this novice do?

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