MS PowerPoint Errors

Introduction To Microsoft PowerPoint Errors

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the presentation program that is a packaged software program component of the Microsoft Office system, so widely and commonly used by PC owners.

The program runs on Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS computer operating systems, although it originally ran under Xenix systems.

It is widely used by business people, educators, and trainers and is among the most prevalent and widely used forms of sales presentations and persuasion technology.

As an important integral part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs that are overwhelmingly popular with PC users all over the world, Microsoft Office PowerPoint has already become the world’s most widely used presentation program.

Appearing first as an integral part of Microsoft Office in 2003 (prior to that it was a stand-alone program called Microsoft PowerPoint) the program has been packaged with Office for several years now.

Thus, the potential for errors and problems to occur when running (or trying to run) the program have increased exponentially over that same time period as well.

The objective of this article is to highlight some of the more common errors that occur when attempting to use PowerPoint, what those errors actually mean, and how to solve or fix them.

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Common Microsoft PowerPoint Errors

PowerPoint operates in a similar manner to most of the other individual programs that together make up the Microsoft Office suite, in that it has an in-built error reporting system.

So it that whenever this in-built system senses a problem with PowerPoint, it will attempt to tell you exactly what is actually wrong with the program.

Often times, the error that is highlighted is correct and reasonably accurate.

So, for example, if PowerPoint (or, indeed, any other program that is packaged inside Microsoft Office) tells you that “You are attempting to open (or save) a file type that is blocked by your registry policy setting”, then you should talk to your system administrator immediately!

When this message shows itself, then there is a very good chance that they have deliberately changed those settings that prohibit opening or saving certain file types in PowerPoint.

So, that’s simple enough.

But, how about being in the middle of your PowerPoint presentation to an important group of customers, when you (and your whole audience) get a message box warning that “Some files can contain viruses …”?

You then have no choice but to click ‘OK’ to continue the presentation.

Granted that it might be important to know about any ‘real’ viruses that might be present, which is why PowerPoint’s designers added this feature to protect you against links to malicious programs that could harm your computer.

But, do you really need such protection when you’re running your own presentation with links to your own files on your own computer?

Quite apart from the fact that this would look extremely amateurish to have this pop up in the middle of your presentation, what can you do about it?

Well, the bad news is that there’s no way to disable or remove this warning without actually going in and editing the Windows registry itself!

Not an easy task if running the PowerPoint presentation is the actual limit of your PC skills and technical ability (as it is quite likely to be for most people who are ‘standard’ PowerPoint users like businessmen and educators).

Plus, every time you download or use an after-market software program, whatever its purpose or functionality, you increase the chances of suffering errors or problems withal of the programs that together make up Microsoft Office, simply because of the potential for conflicts between the different programs.

The same thing also applies when you uninstall such programs. They may well take with them key files and folders that the Microsoft office programs need in order to function, thus, they don’t do so any more.

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The Fast & Easy Solution To Fix PowerPoint Errors

As always when looking for solutions to software problems and errors that occur on your PC, the best solution will inevitably depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, do you have the time and the know-how to find the source of the problems and errors manually, by searching through the operating system of your PC and checking for all of the potential points of software conflict, and so on?

If so, then maybe you can find and fix the problem manually.

Without being 110% certain of what you are doing, however, there is at least a chance that you will make the problem far, far worse by attempting to do things the ‘old-fashioned’ way, like this.

Second option is to get hold of software that is designed to specifically fix PowerPoint problems only. This is fine, except for the fact that, owing to the commonality of many of the features and functions of the different programs that together make up Microsoft Office, if there is a problem with PowerPoint, then a similar problem will quite possibly manifest itself in ‘Word’ or ‘Excel’ at a later date.

Far better to use a catch-all ‘whole system’ repair tool like SpeedyPC that will scan your system (entirely free of charge) and highlight ALL of the potential trouble spots, in all the individual and/or associated programs. In effect, it will pick up everything that needs fixing, now, and anything that looks like it will be a potential problem in the future, too.

You can the download the full version of SpeedyPC and use it to fix all of the problems that you have quickly, efficiently and safely.

Given the importance of all constituent programs of the Microsoft Office suite, there really is no question that getting hold of the full version of SpeedyPC is going to be a very sound investment indeed!


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