Microsoft Office Errors

Microsoft Office Application ErrorsMicrosoft Office Application Errors

Introduction To Microsoft Office Errors

You probably never think about it but it is pretty amazing how, in less than twenty years, computers have become a part of our every day lives, and a fixture in most office and business environments.

The vast majority of these computers are PC’s driven by the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Perhaps it’s even more amazing, therefore, to think that no-one ever gives a moments thought to those Microsoft Office programs, until there are errors in them!

This article will deal with a few of the more common errors that occur in the three most widely used programs in the Microsoft Office suite, ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘PowerPoint’.

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Common Microsoft Office ‘Word” Errors

Most people tend to think of software programs in terms of what the do, so that, if the job the program does is simple, then it follows that the program is also simple.

Not necessarily so, and Microsoft Office ‘Word’ is a case in point.

Yes, it does a pretty simple job – create documents – but it is, in fact, quite a ‘heavy’ program that uses up a lot of your PC’s processing abilities when it is running.

Thus, it can sometimes become very error prone, especially is other programs are running that are also trying to ‘hog’ your machines processor at the same time.

Sometimes, it just may not start up at all, stalling as it is opening.

Often, this will be caused by a font error, particularly if you have loaded additional fonts from outside sources into Word.

The error message will probably tell you that you have corrupt fonts, for example, meaning that you have to find them and then delete them.

And that is going to be an extremely tedious task, trust me!

You may get a message saying “There isn’t enough memory or disk space to open word”, which, in general will not actually be true, unless you are running a very old PC.

This one probably also means that other programs are hogging the space inside your PC that Word wants to grab for itself!

Basically, the ‘Word’ component of your Microsoft Office suite is a much bigger user of resources than you might imagine, and that lends itself to may different errors occurring, often apparently without any good reason whatsoever!

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Common Microsoft Office “Excel” Errors

For most users, the ‘Excel’ component of Microsoft Office will never be anything more or anything less than a spreadsheet creator, a glorified calculator!

And, whilst it is certainly that, it is so much more as well, which is both a strength and a weakness of the program itself.

For example, it is possible to use the data in an ‘Excel’ spreadsheet to create some pretty stunning pie-charts, bar and line graphs, and so on. To do so, however, you need to do quite a bit of ‘tweaking’ of the basic program and the more of this you do, the higher the chances of error messages flashing up on the screen becomes.

That’s not to suggest, either, that an unmodified copy of Excel will never ‘error out’.

It certainly might do, with some more common error messages that read “Unable to read file” and “The document is corrupt and cannot be opened” suggesting a problem in any one of many sectors of the program itself.

Formulas that you have created, formatting, font, colors, hyperlinks, URLs – all can potentially cause ‘Excel’ problems, and, once again, it is going to be a difficult and tedious task to trace what these problems really are manually.

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Common Microsoft Office “PowerPoint” Errors

Like the other Microsoft Office component programs highlighted above, the presentation software PowerPoint can sometimes suffer problems too, with many similar error message occurring.

Sometimes the program will simply not start, other times, it will give a ‘This file is corrupt and must close’ message, and so on.

And, once again, you could spend an awful lot of time and energy trying to find the causes of the error messages manually, assuming that you have the necessary levels of technical ability to do so.

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The Simple & Effective Long Term Solution

As suggested above, basically, any and all Microsoft Office errors can be solved manually, given that you have sufficient time, the necessary programming and technical skills and the basic desire to do so.

However, for most of us, time is money, and, given the amount of time that it would probably take to follow this route to a solution, it is almost certainly not worth it.

For example, a common cause of genuine errors in all three Microsoft Office component programs highlighted above are after market software program that conflict with them.

If you want to fix that problem, then you have to find which individual part of which single program (or, even more difficulty, a combination of different programs) is or are causing the conflict.

Easy? I don’t think so!

It is possible to buy programs that will fix errors in the individual program that is erroring out – a ‘Word’ repair program for one, an ‘Excel’ repair program for another.

But that is probably wasteful and unnecessary, when one single Registry repair program like SpeedyPC can deal with all major problems within both the Windows operating system itself, and cure program problems within Microsoft Office as well.

It’s quick, efficient and simple, and will potentially save your hours of potentially mind-numbing labor as well.

Use SpeedyPC to test your PC for free, so that it can find the Microsoft Office problems and fix them in less than five minutes flat. It’s a bit of a no-brainer really, isn’t it?


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