Microsoft Excel Errors

Introduction To Microsoft Excel Errors

‘Excel’ is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office program of suites that the vast majority of people around the World use each and every day, if they use a PC for their work or leisure.

Excel, or Microsoft Office Excel, to give it the full name, is a spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for use with both Microsoft Windows (on PC’s) and the Mac OS (for Apple Mac machines).

It features excellent calculation and graphing tools that, along with a fairly aggressive marketing effort on the part of Microsoft, have made Excel one of the most popular microcomputer applications to date. It is overwhelmingly the dominant spreadsheet application available for these platforms.

Basically, therefore, we have two facts to consider.

First, most people who ever need to use a spreadsheet program will turn to the Excel component of the Microsoft Office program suite.

And, second, like all programs, ‘Excel’ sometimes goes wrong, and errors occur.

This article will investigate some of those errors, the reasons why they occur (or, even, if they really occur at all) and what you can do to fix the problems.

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Common Microsoft Excel Errors

The first thing to note when looking at this question is that sometimes ‘Excel’ (and other programs within Microsoft Office, such as ‘Word’) will show error messages that are simply not true!

For example, it is not uncommon to see a message that says something like ‘“There isn’t enough memory or disk space to open excel” when you first try to open the program, which is generally going to mean that it will not, in fact, open.

Now, whilst this may, in an extreme case, possibly be true of a very old PC with very limited memory capacity, it is highly unlikely to be the case if your PC is less than five years old, and running a reasonably current version of Windows O/S (e.g. XP) and Microsoft Office.

In this situation, your machine certainly does have enough memory and disk space, but the chances are that another program is using them! In other words, Excel is running into a conflict with another program, and the standard Office error reporting system is giving you the answer that is nearest to the truth!

Furthermore, ‘Excel’ has pretty much been the de facto ‘King’ of the spreadsheet world for over ten years now, and so, there are hundreds, if not thousands of after-market programs and systems that you can use to ‘tweak’ or ‘modify’ the original program.

Whilst this can lead to vastly expanded functionality and increased flexibility, it almost certainly increases the potential for serious errors to occur in this core component of the Microsoft Office system.

It is thus remarkably easy to create a set of circumstances where ‘Excel’ program errors become almost inevitable.

Without knowing it, of course, every time you download or buy a new software program, you introduce an ‘interloper’ onto your machine that may (or may not) disagree with any or all of the Microsoft Office programs, and ‘Excel’ often seems to be especially vulnerable to such errors.

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The Fast & Easy Solution To Fix Excel Errors

As always when tying to address or repair errors and problems with a component program within the Microsoft Office suite, there are several options as to what you can do to fix them.

The key question relates to the amount of time, effort and money that you want to expend on making good these repairs, assuming that they are repairs that must be made.

You can do the job the ‘old-fashioned’ way, manually. That is however likely to be tedious, difficult and extremely time consuming and time is money, especially if you are trying to fix a PC that is used in a business environment.

The second option is to buy a repair software program that is specific to repairing errors within ‘Excel’. This will definitely save a whole lot of time over ‘option 1’ but still may not be the ideal solution to the problem.

The reason for saying this is that all of the programs that together make up the Microsoft Office suite naturally share a good degree of common functionality. If a conflict with another program is at the root of your ‘Excel’ errors, then it is quite possible that similar errors will show up in other Office component programs, meaning that you have to buy additional software to fix those.

Far better to, first run a free scan test with a high-quality ‘system scan’ program like SpeedyPC to find and isolate all the problems that your machine is currently suffering from.

You can then use the same software program to fix every problem and potential error at one fell swoop, in less than five minutes.

So, using SpeedyPC will get rid of all problems and errors that currently exist, as well as finding many potential problems that might arise at some point further down the line.

It’s efficient, effective and simple to use something like SpeedyPC, so it comes highly recommended.


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