Fix Windows Errors

Do I Have Windows Errors?

You’ve probably had problems with your temperamental computer being inconsistent with its performance. Pop up error messages, blue screens, constant rebooting and such happens more often and you are clueless as to the real matter behind all these escalating problems. The answer to these problems is simple. You have got to learn how to fix windows errors, before your computer goes haywire.

In your computer, there is this component, called the registry which helps to store your precious login information for users and applications as well as intricate critical Windows settings. So technically, what ever you do to your computer which includes downloading files or deleting them, will be reflected in the registry.

And not to mention, these files may get distorted and corrupted when spyware or viruses tamper with them. The registry is a very important component. It influences the overall performance of the computer. Hence, learn why you need to know to fix windows errors before they destruct your registry heavily.

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3 Reasons You May Have Windows Errors

#1 Improper Shutdown

There must be a couple of times (or more) when your computer just hangs and you have no choice but to give it an improper shutdown. Everyone is guilty of doing it to their computer at some point. But, little did we know that by doing so, the registry is being damaged. The registry is being updated when we hurriedly press the off button without thinking of the consequences.

#2 Redundant Keys

As aforementioned, the registry is a very important component. Spoil it, and you can say good-bye to your computer’s operating system. When you install new programs, the information will be reflected in the registry. However, when you delete certain programs, the files will still be rooted in the registry. Over time, your registry will get clogged up with multiple data: the useless and important ones, both over lapping each other. Also, when too much information is stored in the registry, it can escalate to one very major problem, which is computer Crashing.

#3 Embedded Entries

Most programs have protection license that may sometimes be changed by the users themselves. This causes the registry to detect new data and information and hence quickly embed them as one of the files. Be it new or old information, the registry stores it all. It is close to impossible to remove the registry keys once it is embedded. If you fail to give your registry a good dusting, that you are in danger of making your computer dying out, in terms of speed of course.

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