Fix Rundll Error

Among the many computer errors one may face, rundll errors are possibly one of the most frustrating. They seemingly appear out of nowhere and are difficult to resolve. Programs that were once functional cease to work with little explanation other than a taunting rundll error that smugly challenges the user.

I have received countless inquires about rundll errors. Many are easy to solve. Unfortunately, not many are familiar with what causes rundll errors and more importantly, how they can be resolved and prevented.

What Are DLL Files? 

Before we discuss rundll errors, we need to understand what DLL files are. DLL files are integral system files that are use in Windows’ programs. These files are like vast codices and libraries that contain binary information, keys, codes and data used by programs for functioning properly.

DLL files are shared by many programs. They act as centralized databanks for programs to access.  A single database is necessary to prevent programs from operating singularly against each other.

When programs act singularly against each other, they can slow down your computer’s processing speed. Windows uses DLL files to run many functions and programs, reusing the codes and instructions within them for speed and efficiency.

What Are Rundll Errors?

Rundll errors are created when there is confusion in the command line. This happens when Windows tries to load a DLL file that isn’t there or when Windows is unable to locate the DLL file a program is trying to execute.

The DLL has a set of instructions that Windows ‘listens’ to in order to launch a program or an application. This problem occurs when there DLL file or code is missing, causing an error and possible system crash.

Common Rundll Error Causes

Commonly, rundll errors are caused by malicious malware, spyware, or viruses that have infiltrated your computer. These undesirable programs may take over the files being shared by the other rundll applications.

Certain viruses change the structure of these shared DLL files by transforming code lines. Other viruses may prevent access to the DLL file entirely, thus rendering applications that rely on the file to become useless.

Trojan attacks may insert fake DLL files within the system folder. These DLL files may download malicious software at a later time which further corrupts the DLL library.

When these problems surface, rundll errors occur. Missing or conflicting DLL codes or even missing files may cause a ‘rundll error’ message . This can even lead to a complete system crash.

To solve this problem, you should first use antivirus and antispyware programs to remove any possible offenders creating this problem.

Scan For Spyware | Scan For Viruses

But that is not enough. After the offending programs are removed, you will need to repair the damage done. To do that, you should use a registry cleaner to optimize and repair your registry.

There are many registry cleaners available on the market. I have tested many registry cleaners and have found SpeedyPC to be the best registry cleaner I have ever used.

Solving a rundll error does not have to be a painful affair. The next time your computer starts producing rundll errors, ‘hire’ a spyware remover, anit-virus program and registry cleaner to solve the problem.

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