Fix Common Errors

Error messages are very common. There is no way you can avoid them. But there is definitely a way for you to deal with them.

Error messages like RunDll errors and Dll errors are pretty common in a Windows PC. If your computer is still new, then you must be worried why such messages are popping up although your computer is still brand new.

It is advisable that you know some of the methods that can be used in preventing computer error messages from occurring. It can also help you to understand your computer better.

#1 Dll Errors

Dll errors usually happen when the program that you are opening is missing a file. When important files are missing, the particular program can’t function and you will find error messages like, “Unable to find the file xxx.exe” and “Error in starting program xxx. Dll was not found”. These messages are very common.

Dll errors happen because when you uninstall software, Windows may removes files without you knowing it. To solve this, simply reinstall the program. You can also choose to use a registry cleaner to clean up possible shared DLL files.

The best way to tackling these error messages is to identify the cause of the problem and take immediate action. If there are external devices attached to your computer, disconnect them, and also take note of any changes you may encounter while trying to resolve the problem.

#2 RunDll Errors

RunDll errors are usually caused by incomplete or corrupted installations. These incomplete installations would result in a RunDll error when you try to open the program. 

What happens is that Windows is unable to find the right file when you try to open the particular program. RunDll errors can also occur due to spyware and viruses that have infected the file.

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So to avoid all RunDll errors, you can simply get an anti-virus system or registry cleaner to wash all spywares and viruses away. Another alternative would be to reinstall the corrupted programs or softwares in order to minimize corruption from happening inside your computer.

#3 Windows Shutdown Errors

Windows shutdown errors are very common. Windows users will definitely face this problem at some point. The most common problem is when you will try to shut down your computer, it will just “hang”. Most people do not find this much of a problem and choose to ignore it.

But little that they know is that if the computer is not able to shut down properly, then it just means that something is very wrong in the registry. When you notice that Windows shutdown errors are happening more frequently, have your registry checked.

Use a registry cleaner to help you sieve out the unnecessary stuff. Remember, try not to ignore errors if you are seeing them. If you are seeing these errors, not cleaning your registry will only make things worse.

As aforementioned, there is no way we can avoid these error messages. When such error messages do appear, it is important to take action almost immediately. Do note that some of these error messages can be due to viruses and such.

So have your computer checked once a while to allow it to function at tip-top condition!

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