Blue Screen Of Death

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 The Dreaded “Blue Screen Of Death”

Are you getting the “blue screen of death” whenever you fire up or shut down Windows, or whenever you try to start or close a program and wonder why in the world you are getting this dreaded screen?

Have you ever experienced what PC techs call the “blue screen of death” in the past? You have to admit that THE “Blue Screen of Death” error message is annoying to say the least!

Anyone who owns a PC with Windows, knows that the blue screen of death (BSOD) can pop up when you least expect it! But what can I do to rid and/or prevent this error message?

This article will discuss the various concerns you may have, and provide a solution, as well as a long term prevention recommendation.

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What Is The “Blue Screen Of Death”?

The Blue Screen of Death (commonly referred to as “bluescreen”, “stop error”, or by it’s abbreviation, “BSOD”) is the name for the screen that gets displayed by Windows operating systems when they encounters system errors.

It is also displayed when a system process is haulted to save the itself from a major error or also when it fails to recover from a serious error.

Example Of 'blue screen of death'

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What Systems Are Affected?

There are two known Windows error screens that are considered “blue screen of death” errors, with one (Windows NT 4/2000/XP/Vista) being a more serious issue than the other (Windows 9x).

The “blue screen of death” also occurs in Microsoft’s Windows home operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows Me.

Blue Screen Of Death

The bottom line is that all Windows operating systems can be a victim of this dreaded error message at one time or another. Becasue of this, it is important to give your computer a tune up and cleaning regularly.

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The “blue screen of death” in one form or another, has always been present in Windows operating systems since Windows 3.1.

The “blue screen of death” is the most dreaded error message because it brings your entire PC to a complete screeching halt. If you want to prevent this from happening, give your PC a gift by downloading SpeedyPC.

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