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Common PC Problems

Fix Bad Sectors

Discover what Bad Sectors are and the symptoms, and also learn how to fix them and prevent re-occurences. This article covers all aspects. Click Here

Blue Screen Of Death

Ah yes, one of the most mis-understood and “out of no where” error messages ever! This article will explain what it is and recommend a solution as well as long term prevention. Click Here

Can’t Delete Files

Not being able to delete files is just one of those PC problems that is really, really irritating! But, it does not have to be something that you put with, as the most probably reasons for it happening and the solutions are both simple and quick. Find out more about isolating and solving the problem here. Click Here

DLL Errors

DLL’s are one of the most important components of the operating system of any PC, but most people know almost nothing about them! How about you? This article tells you everything you need to know. Click Here

EXE Errors

Whenever you try to ‘execute’ a program or some function on your machine, you call on an .exe file to do the job for you. So, knowing what they are and how to fix them could be very important indeed. This article gives you all the information that you need. Click Here

Fix A Slow PC

Everyone’s PC seems to slow down sometimes. But, why does it happen? What causes it and, more importantly, what can you do to fix it? Find out here. Click Here

Microsoft Excel Errors

Microsoft’s spreadsheet program is generally stable, but, like all programs, it does go wrong sometimes. This article will highlight some of the most common problems and errors that you are likely to see using Excel, and how to fix them. Click Here

Microsoft Office Errors

The Office suite of programs is one that almost anyone using a PC for work purposes will be used to working with. But most people would not have a clue what to do if Office suddenly stared to malfunction. Find out about the most common problems and how to repair them in this article. Click Here

Microsoft Power Point Errors

Making Power Point presentations is an integral and important part of many company’s business operations, and so, when a Power Point error occurs, it can cause major headaches. Don’t let it happen to you. Find out in this article about the most common problems and how to repair them. Click Here

Not Enough RAM

The Random Access Memory, or RAM, of your PC is like a temporary store of information about the stuff you are working on right now. Sometimes you do not have enough RAM to finish the job in hand. This article tells you how to solve the problems. Click Here

Outlook Express Errors

An e-mail program like Outlook Express is effectively the front-line for protecting your PC against malicious invaders, and for this reason amongst others, it does suffer errors, often meaning that you cannot send or receive e-mail. You need to sort a problem like that out quickly in order to stay effective. Click Here

PC Error Codes

Every time your PC suffers an error or problem, it will give you an error code in an effort to tell you what the fault is. The problem is, you will probably not understand why it does this, still less what the code number means! This article explains everything that you need to know (without too much tedious ‘tech-speak’!). Click Here

PC Screen Freeze

No-one who has ever used a PC for more than five minutes has not suffered the dreaded ‘screen freeze’ at some point. But, when it happens to you, do you know what the first thing you should do actually is? No? You can find out here. Click Here

Program Not Responding

Your PC is a work-horse, and, like most work-horses, sometimes the programs that drive your machine can take a wrong turn! Then you get a ‘this program is not responding’ message. Find out exactly what this means and how to remedy the situation here. Click Here

RunDLL Errors

A RunDLL error is one of the most commonly seen DLL errors on PCs, but there are many potential causes so it is not always going to be easy to isolate the problems, without knowing what you are doing. Find out exactly what you need to know in this article. Click Here

Slow Windows Shutdown

A really slow shutdown of your PC has got to be one of the most irritating things known to any computer user, especially as we all leave it to the last possible minute to start the shutdown procedure, right? So, learn how to prevent it happening to you by reading this article now. Click Here

Windows Installer Errors

There are literally dozens of things that can go wrong when you are installing a new program on your PC, and thus, Windows Installer Errors are relatively common. They are not that hard to remedy either, as long as you know what you are doing. Discover the answers you need in this article. Click Here

Windows Shutdown Errors

Sometimes, it appears as if your machine has a mind of its own, and that it simply does not want to shut down! Of course, there are reasons why this is happening, and you should know why his occurs, so that you can prevent it slowing you down to a snails pace too! Find out more in this article. Click Here

Windows Stop Errors

Windows Stop Error? You will most likely not be able to get your machine to ‘boot up’, unless you know how to find the fault and then know what to do about it. This article gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Windows Stop Errors. Click Here


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  1. Lev Moshe:

    Will see ….

  2. Edna drew:

    I cannot get my Computer check-up to work can you please tell me why?

  3. Edna drew:

    so does that meann I do not have to keep check ing it?

  4. steve:

    when launching the internet it is very slow

  5. Roy Pries:

    How can i stop Ghost Recon from crashing ????
    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

  6. Bobby Naples:


  7. fah khan( pakistan):

    know a days mostly i have a problems in hard drive and partined magic 7.0 is used and than show the error MBR1001H if some you solution than show this if not than this is solved by jumper setting secondary and solve by windows xp formating

  8. sandy:

    My outlook express appears to have been deleted from my computer. How do I get it back and all my data?????HELP!!!!

  9. admin:


    I would recommend data recovery pro, in the rightnav on the right. Try downloading the demo to see if this will recover your emails.


  10. Stephanie:

    I’ve been experiencing some weird problems. My laptop’s memory is decreasing by itself! Once I checked, it was about 3GB left, so I uninstalled some programs which are unimportant. But then I checked it has decreased until it’s 1GB left! I don’t know what happened. Can somebody help me?

  11. Beki:

    Hi, my internet explorer randomly redirects me to other search engine pages that I haven’t assked it to. It is also blocking attempts to defrag the c drive, update my anti virus and won’t let me turn the firewall on… I am afraid something really bad has happened but don’t know how best to fix it.. HELP ?!

  12. aditya:

    i was playing a game on my pc today. the game hanged, and i had to go to task manager (ctrl alt del) to close it. soon after that i noticed that when i opened google talk messenger, all the names of those online were appearing in italics.
    similarly when i open any website, the font size seems to have become bold or italic. how do i get rid of this problem and restore my machine back to its normal state?

    my config is a 2.2 GHz notebook with win vista premium, with 2 gb ram and 160 gb hdd. please help!

  13. rodz:

    can you suggest us a thesis topic problem I ‘m a computer science student…….

  14. rodz:

    ,,,,cause we found out that our study is already existing….Can you please. help us…..

  15. joan:

    i got a problem w my computer..my hdd memory keeps dcreasing and i don know wat to do, im not installin new software or anything but everysingle time i check it i notice some decrease. it started from 40 gb to no 23 gb out of nowere..

  16. Wajid Khan:

    How Could i know that their is Badsector in my hard drive,?
    and how i Can Finished These Badsector from my hard Drive?
    plez Tell Me about above problems,,,,,,,,

  17. Ken Powers:

    I did over 15 hours of meticulous editing on our book project, forgot to save it, turned off my Dell laptop, and lost all of the work. Is there a way to retrieve it without re-doing all of those hours of work?

  18. aloha:

    thanks it helps me on my research………….

  19. rechie107:

    hello aloha

  20. rechie107:

    hello aloha ano ba gawa u jan??????????????

  21. rechie107:

    muzta na sa mga gumagamit nito hope you all gonna be enjoying this so much

  22. niroo:

    Dear Sir,

    I got a pc problem in my firefox which appears color writing on the top of my firefox page ,with different colors as:” You have 9PC errors and sometimes say you have (2) love messages “please advise me how to remove it.

    Yours Truly,

  23. Chip:

    Hi, my comparter is are being have problem with Internet Exploder. I touched the screan prety hard and now internet explarder has severel lines threw it, my dad is pised now cuz it s his work laptup and he sez i wuz two hardt on it; i tells him taht it was the pron he wuz lukin at. Guyz, how do i fix it?

  24. frank:

    hey guys my computer jsut has a black screen my friend who has a doctorate in engineering said it needed cleaned so i put it in the dishwasher its a dell inspiron i thought it might still be wet so i put it in the microwave to dry it out and i thought it was doing better because sparks so i thought id plug it in and it tripped the breaker but it should still be ok because its a dell and i saw the commercial where they dropped it from the platform onto the floor and it was ok i even tried putting it in the dryer and held it out the window of my car going down the interstate and it still wont work anyone have any ideas btw i think maybe the microwave wasa bad idea because the battery got bigger at first i was like yay more power but then juice started to come out of it and it got on my hand and i tried licking it off but it tasted like vinegar and smoke and burned a little but now all i taste is blood not even chocolate ice cream but anyway i need help should i put it in the toaster oven?

  25. frank:

    hey its frank again its ok now i took it to staples where i bought it and they gave me a new one because i paid the 15 dollars for the extended warranty thing they even gave me a better one since mine was out of stock its awesome now has a bigger screen and blue ray drive and solid state drive so i talked to my engineer friend and he said he meant to use malwarebytes and antivirus to clean windows so der on me so people dont put it in dishwasher on microwave but if you do take it to staples and they will give you a new one even better prolly and they gave me a 50 dollar gift card for the trouble and carried the new laptop to the car for me so dishwasher bad staples good

  26. frank:

    hy guys its frank again listn my ky isnt working and i dont know what to do, my nginr frind said it might b dfctiv but i rally lik it and dont want to tak it back any suggstions?

  27. frank:

    woops frank again hey guys i got the e key to work again i got a piece of taco under it anyways thatnks for all the help

  28. Wanda Chaulk:

    my computer is running slow and it also says i have over 300 errors. How can i fix this problem without having to pay for it?

  29. alveana bacchus:

    my internet is slow cant make voice calls on yahoo ,takes long to connect

  30. arslan:

    my internet speed is slow n program gets stuck again and again and there are window registry issues

  31. Bobby Tates:

    I found some issues on the first go around and it finds more when I run it later on. I think one of my programs keeps making errors. I’ve updated it, but PCaholic keeps finding the same error files.

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