Tune Up Your PC

Logan Albright

Head into any bookstore and you can be assured to be rewarded with rows of guidebooks pertaining to the computer. If you are a computer newbie or a computer ‘noob’, then you are definitely advised to grab one of these books and read up on ways to tune up your PC.

While you might jump onto your new computer the very minute it arrives, beware of the little gritty details that are essential to ensure that your computer’s speed remains as good as when it was new. So without further adue, here are 5 simple ways to tune up the PC to keep it in tip-top spectacular shape and speed.

#1 – Hardware Updates

Yes, this is very important if you are planning to use your computer for more than 6 years or so. Failure to do so will only result in your computer functioning at turtle speed only after 3 years of usage.

After spending a big bomb on your new computer, it is highly unlikely that you are willing to get a new computer system every 2 to 3 years. But remember, maintenance is the key to a speedy computer.

Just like automobile parts, the computer’s hardware gets used up and goes through wear and tear. So, as a responsible computer user, give your CPU (central processing unit) and RAM (random access memory) a check once a while and see if any replacement is needed.

The RAM and CPU chip can be found in any computer shop so all you need to do is to go out and get them. Doing so will allow you to have a better and faster processing PC.

Tune Up Your PC

#2 – Keeping it simple

While fanciful cursors and high-resolution wallpapers might make your computer desktop look like a real jungle pasted on screen, such luxuries are responsible for the slowing down of your PC processing speed.

Although these cute cursors might look harmless on your desktop, memory wise, it is eating up your system resources very quickly. So try not to use unnecessary add-ons onto your desktop and keep it clean and simple.

#3 – Defragmentation

This is the most popular step that you as a computer user might have read about. Defragmentation allows the PC to optimize its speed and reorganizes all the files that might have gone missing and misplaced.

The disk defragmentation is usually free and it comes with your Windows operating system. Do this often and you will be assured of a well-maintained PC at all times. However, do be prepared to give your PC a rest for a whole night or so as defragmentation can take quite some time if you haven’t done this for a while.

#4 – Cleaners

Registry cleaners should be installed in your computer to ensure that the registry is always kept clean and tidy. Unlike hardware, the registry is the windows heart and soul and hence you are encouraged to take essential care of it, as it is irreplaceable without a total re-installation.

That is why the registry cleaner is very important. There are a number of registry cleaners online, and we recommend SpeedyPC.

#5 Over clocking

This technique is used to maximize your PC processing limits. There are softwares available over the Internet that comes with a dandy step-by-step tutorial. However, just remember not to push your processor’s limit too much or it might irreversibly damage your CPU.

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