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Runtime Error 53

Logan Albright

What do you do when the infamous runtime error 53 hits your computer screen? Are you breaking a sweat already? Others might shiver in fright thinking that maybe a virus has caused the message to pop up even though that is not the case.

Runtime Error 53

Runtime errors are not caused by viruses – most of the time at least. While runtime error pop ups can scare the life out of you, they also prevent you from having proper access to all of the programs that you have on your computer.

As such, you might be restricted from running certain operations even though you have them installed! Let’s dive into runtime error 53 and talk about some things you can do to fix this issue, and prevent further occurences.

What Is Runtime Error 53

Back to the question: What is Runtime Error 53? You can tell that you have runtime error 53 when a window pops up waving at you, saying “Runtime error 53: file not found (and displays <file>.dll)” Sound familiar to you?

This common runtime error unfortunately happens when the dll file of the particular program you are trying to run is not found in the search path. This typically happens when you first run a new software for the first time following installation.

This means that 2 or more files that were expected to be in place by Widows, in a certain location, have gone missing or corrupted. This results in a runtime error, because the program is unable to run as it should, due to the missing or corrupt dll files.

Runtime Error 53

Fix Runtime Error 53

It is actually pretty easy to solve this runtime error. The easiest way out is to fully un-install the relevant program or software, after which you can choose to reinstall it again. To do so, go to “control panel” from the Windows “start” menu.

Locate ” Install/Uninstall Programs” and uninstall the program, and after ensuring that it is completely removed, start again with a fresh installation. At the same time, check that your product software is of the latest version. If it is not, then upgrade it immediately.

Most of the time, just giving the software a fresh installation and a program update may easily solve the problem. However, if you realize that this method still does not work, then I would recommend contacting your software support staff for technical assistance.

Runtime Error 53 Final Tips

I would also recommend that you check to ensure that the software that you are installing does not have any incompatibility issues with your operating system or computer hardware. One easy way to do so is to check out computer forums and see if the particular software has any problems are bugs that have yet to be solved.

Some of these forums also make a good technical support group for you and your software. Also, remember to check the software developer’s website to see if there might be any known problems while running the program in your computer.

You can also check to ensure your computer has the most up to date drivers by using an automatic driver update utility like the one located at http://www.officialdrivers.com. It’s worth the 2 minutes it takes to scan your system and I recommend registering the product and keeping it as part of your regular “must have” optimization programs.

It can be an arduous task but taking the time to solve runtime error 53 can help you to prevent further runtime errors from happening. To recap, just reinstall your programs if runtime error 53 happens to you. Otherwise, just seek help from the product’s support staff and check to ensure compatibility and that your drivers are up to date.

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  1. bill:

    this message happens at startup and I can not get through it. what do you suggest?

  2. Ali:

    i found this website helpful i want to infrom me about latest news via email

  3. abhijeet:

    I have problem with my Kingston Pendrive(4GB) .
    I got error as Runtime Error 53 Please tell me whai i have to do?

  4. ian:

    when i start my computer it goes int recovery program and when i select window xp system restore thats when the run time error 53 appears then when i click ok the computer restarts and goes through the same process again.

    can you help please.



  5. Adewale Ademoye:

    my window media is not working

  6. Dianne:

    I downloaded a dvd (egames)!! When I try to play a game, I get a message: “Runtime error 53.” I did the search thing and the Addon2VB.DLL driver is there! I did a copy & paste for the driver, but, I still get the runtime error message! I installed & uninstalled the egames dvd and still the same error message! What else can I do to get this runtime error fixed & working? I should tell you that I have played these games a few years ago with no problems at all! When I intalled the dvd, there was adware! I have no idea why adware in on the dvd when it was never there before! Is there a solution to get this egames dvd and runtime error fixed? Please help!! Thank you!!!


  7. Speed up pc:

    Dear Dianne
    The runtime or run-time error message can be caused by:

    1. Confliction with TSR or other running program
    2. Software issue
    3. Computer Virus
    4. Memory issue

    You got Runtime Errors 53 It will appear when file required by the program to run is not found.

    For this Program needs to be reinstalled or missing file(s) need to be copied back to the computer.
    You do this it will helpful for u.
    If you did not want to see these types of errors again then it is recommended to use SpeedyPC for your PC.

  8. Tony:

    I get the error 53 message at start up, but there is no indication of any file, it just tells me “File not found”, so I cannot uninstall/reinstall whatever programme it is that generates this message. Where do I go from here?

    I’m running Vista Home Premium, 32 bit with SP2.

  9. deepak:

    I get the error 53 message when i transfer the data between flash drive and system , but there is no indication of any file, it just tells me “File not found”, so I cannot uninstall/reinstall whatever programme it is that generates this message. Where do I go from here.
    I an running windows 7,64 bit operating system.

  10. Kate Hakkinen:

    It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Kate Hakkinen

  11. PlausaPartisa:

    This actually answered my downside, thanks!

  12. sachin:

    that is very good solve

  13. petr:

    RUN ERROR 53

  14. gordy:

    i have the run time error 53. i cannot remove the program and reload it, because i will loose the program. what can i do? gordy

  15. alexander:

    error 53

  16. prakash:

    A problem that is encountered when a program is being executed. Runtime errors can occur in software environments for many different reasons; for example, peripheral devices may not be turned on or instructions may be invalid. Such errors often occur with interpreted languages such as Java and JavaScript, which convert source code to machine language a line at a time for execution. Compiled languages will prevent some runtime errors, because the code is verified to some extent ahead of time, but resources can always be missing in a computing environment, which can cause an error upon execution.

  17. gnana:

    Often out of memory errors can be resolved by rebooting the computer. Before trying any of the below steps we suggest you first try rebooting the computer.

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