Runtime Error 424

Logan Albright

Runtime error 424 is one of the infamous computer errors that many Windows XP or Vista computer users might have faced time and again.

This form of runtime error will halt programs or applications from loading properly and this can seriously affect the overall performance of the computer.

As our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on our computer running smooth, these runtime errors can almost be as bad as pesky viruses that distort the computer’s ability to perform certain functions. As such, do not wait to fix your runtime error 424 – try to fix it immediately if you can.

Understanding Runtime Error 424

But before we jump to the solutions, let us first understand the root of the possible causes of runtime error 424. By understanding the factors that cause runtime error 424, we will be better able to prevent ourselves from making any mistakes again, hence reducing the chances of another runtime error happening.

When runtime error 424 occurs, the message “Runtime error 424: Object required” will be displayed. To explain it simply, this means that the program that you are trying to open or load has an unexpected programming error.

Runtime Error 424

This affects the programs ability to function as per normal and as such you would not be able to use your program until you fix it. Most of the time, this error message will be displayed when you try to run Microsoft Office Chart Wizard. This problem might also arise when your PC uses Microsoft IE version 6.0.

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How To Stop Runtime Error 424

Basically, there are two ways to stop this error. The first option is to uninstall Microsoft IE 6.0. Otherwise, you can use a computer that does not have IE version 6.0 installed in it. You may also prefer to use other web browsers like Firefox, for example.

Alternatively, try not to use the Microsoft office wizard when inserting office charts. Learn how to create your chart without the help of the wizard.  Simply make changes and right click on the work that you are working on, and click the “property toolbox” option.

Sometimes, the error also appears in Microsoft Outlook 2000. You will need to solve this by choosing HTML format and edit the runtime error messages. Simply select “tools” from the main menu of Microsoft outlook express 2000 from the main menu and select “options”.

Next, go to the “mail format” tab and click on it. At the “Send in this message format.” list, choose the format that you prefer and save the changes.

You can also try to “clean up” your system from junk files and registry corruption. I recommend a tool called SpeedyPC. SpeedyPC can get your computer in tip top shape and have it running smoothly in no time.

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Final Thoughts On PC Errors

The underlying mechanics of computers are not that hard to understand. As a computer user, you should be reasonably educated about the different kinds of errors you might face.

It can be pretty handy when an error pops up and the next thing you know, you are fixing it yourself. If you are still clueless as to what kind of errors that might possibly attack your computer next time, grab a computer guidebook from your local bookstore and read up.

It is essential that you equip yourself with the right technical knowledge so that in time to come, you won’t even break a sweat when a weird looking error messages pops up.

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