Outlook Error 0x800420CB

Logan Albright

Outlook Express is an application that is a “must have” for all computer users. Whether you are using Windows 95, 98, XP or Vista, the Outlook Express software is accessible to all Windows users who seek for a more organized system of retrieving and sending out of emails.

Macintosh users are not spared from all these fun either, as there is also a special edition of Outlook Express catered to Mac users. It is definitely not a wonder that Outlook Express is the most common application in all PCs.

The only problem is that despite the simplistic looking interface, Outlook Express is still prone to some errors and slight glitches. So, do take note of the most common 3 Outlook errors and learn how to fix them. These tips will definitely come in handy the next time something weird happens to your dearest Outlook Express.

ERROR 0x800420CB

Don’t jump in fright when this error message pops up the next time you run Outlook Express. It can be terrifying, because Error 0x800420CB will sometimes disable you from reading all your emails.

When this happens, you think to yourself what is the purpose of having Outlook Express when you cannot even read your messages when you need to?

Yes it can be pretty frustrating but hold onto all your anger first. I have the exact solution to this problem.

Firstly, the reason why this error occurs is simply because the .dbx file is corrupted. But relax… you can remove this error and annoyance.

To correct this error, you can simply go to “Tools” from the main menu, then click on “accounts”. Choose the “mail” tab and then select “duplicate mail account”. To end, press, “remove”.

Repeat these steps until all accounts have been ‘duplicated’ and the old ones removed. You might have difficulties locating the .dbx file. If so, just use the Windows Search to locate the .dbx file and then rename it.

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I Can’t Delete My Emails

You might also encounter this problem when you are deleting your emails. This outlook error will prevent you from deleting any emails from your inbox.

The reason why this happens is simply because one of your files has been corrupted. What realistically happens is that a copy of the email that has been deleted is being deleted twice, and as such this confuses the system. As a result of this confusion, Outlook Express prevents you from removing the copied email.

You can solve this error simply by copying all messages from your “delete” folder into another folder. Next, exit from Outlook Express and close it. In the Windows Settings, allow all hidden files to be displayed. After that, search for this file: Deleted Items.dbx, and delete that particular file.

Bingo! Just remember to re-hide all files when you are finished so that you won’t see them peeking at you in the future. Myself, I leave the “show all files and folders” option checked… just my preference!

I Cannot Receive My Emails

This error prevents you from receiving any form of email at all. This is definitely the most frustrating thing that could happen to you.

However, this error is the easiest to eliminate. Usually, the problem happens simply due to the fact that you have excessive email stored in your Outlook. Your account has limited amounts of data space so when there is a lack of space, you will not be able to accept any more emails.

To solve this problem, simply delete all emails or copy them to another folder. Alternatively, you could expand your disk space that is allocated for your email.

These errors are so easy to solve! So don’t tear your hair out the next time any of these errors occur to you. Simply relax and take the syeps above to keep Outlook running smooth.

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