MacBook Review

Logan Albright

Well, the time came for this PC guy to see what all the buzz was about concerning Apple’s Mac computers and their operating system OSX Leopard. I have played a little bit with a Mac but nothing serious until now.

In this post I am going to discuss some basic things about the MacBook and not get into the Mac versus PC debate, or talk about Leopard at all (Mac’s operating system). I will cover these details later.

First, I’ll give you the specs on the system I have here in the PCaholic lab:

Apple MacBook Color: WhiteProcessor: 2.0GHZ Intel Core DuoRAM: Upgraded To 4GBHard Drive: 80GBDisplay: 13.3″OS: OSX LeopardOther Specs:Built In iSight CameraApple Remote

Out Of The Box

I was pretty impressed with the way Apple packages their systems. It’s quite nice! Everything is well organized with a big thick piece of foam protecting the laptop as well as everything else included in the box.

Apple MacBook

It also came with restore disks which lately I have found many PC OEM’s are not anymore, or charging for these as an option. Yes you can burn your own but I feel these should be included. This is a horrible way of cutting costs in my opinion! Hats off to Apple for including these in the box.

I also like the remote they include. It makes it super easy to play DVD’s and access iTunes just by pressing a button! The one negative is that there is no place to store the remote on the laptop itself. I am thinking mine will be lost eventually because it is somewhat small.

I loved the power supply! They actually give you an extension and I can be about 10 feet away from a plugin and still reach it. Not to mention the “mag safe” plug. If my son trips over the cord it will simply unplug from the wall instead of dragging the laptop to the floor… great feature for those with kids!

The Good

Let’s talk about performance. What a machine! I’ve never seen a computer boot up so fast in my entire life. I hit the power button and was ready to go in just about 20 seconds or less! Try that with a PC.

Another interesting thing I noticed was how simple it was to connect to the Internet. The first time I powered it up it asked me a few questions and located my home wireless network automatically and I was online.

I remember the first time I fired up a Vista machine. What a nightmare! It took me forever to get a stable connection. It get signing off, signing on to someone else service, all without warning Apple wireless is simply amazing.

Hibernation is also a lot better than a Windows machine. I close the lid, and it’s off. I open the lid and it comes on neatly instantly and connected to the Internet! This alone had me totally in love with this thing!

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about Leopard, but I didn’t say anything about software included! Ilife is amazing. Being a guitar player, I love Garageband. I played with this for a while and I can see myself using it to do some recording as well.

There is also a neat program called Photo Booth that uses the built in iSight camera. I sat in front of it with my son and we played with various backgrounds including roller coaster, fish tank as well as clouds. You can take a snap shot which is really cool!

The Bad

OK now for the bad. I had a problem with the battery. It simply wouldn’t charge. I called technical support and they were somewhat friendly and made sure it wasn’t a setting or something obvious. After examination she determined it was in fact a bad battery and she put in an order to send me a new one.

This did bum me out but I can’t imagine this is a regular occurrence. On a good note, the battery shipped out the very same day I called so I should have it any day now.

Normally I would also say a negative point would be some programs that I use are not Mac compatible but there are programs I can install that will let me load Windows if I want as a virtual machine! I will cover that more later as well.

That’s about it for my “early” review. I will post updates as I discover new and exciting things about this new MacBook!

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