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Internet Explorer Freezes

Logan Albright

Internet Explorer has always been one of the few must-have internet browsers for all computer users. Despite the introduction of other internet browsers, true-blue Internet Explorer fans have always preferred to stick to the IE due to its simplistic interface, making every Netizens net-surfing experience a stress-free one.

Being a loyal Internet Explorer user does not mean that you will be spared from problems with Internet Explorer. When Internet Explorer freezes up, what do you do next? Ditch IE and try something new? If you still prefer using Internet Explorer regardless of whatever the situation is, then learning how to fix the problem of Internet Explorer freezing up will sure help.

Why Does Internet Explorer Freeze Up?

There are aplenty of reasons as to why Internet Explorer freezes up. By identifying the reasons to this matter, it will help you to understand Internet Explorer better, and chances are, you will get to minimize the opportunities of getting a frozen screen the next time you surf the World Wide Web.

Internet Explorer Freezes

Check out these sleek tips and tricks that you can adopt to ensure that your web surfing experience with Internet Explorer, is a stress-free one:

  1. Keeping yourself up to date with the updates for Internet Explorer can help you truckloads. Nothing is perfect and even Internet Explorer have its moments too. Bug fixes and patches are just some of the possible things that you might want to keep a look out for as these quick fixes can help to solve the problem of Internet Explorer freezing. If you think that there is a need, you can also contact their support system to report them of the troubles that you are facing. You might just be lucky that you have helped them to identify a new bug. Alternatively, you can always get the latest version of Internet Explorer. The latest versions are always equipped with the necessary bug fixes that your version might lack of.


  1. You might never know it, but sometimes the problems of Internet Explorer freezing up lies within your PC itself. The problem could lies within your RAM. RAM or also known as Random Access Memory is a component in your computer that stores all the necessary data that is needed to run programs and things alike. What happens is that if you have a puny RAM, then quite possibly you will have to face the problem of a laggy computer and freeze ups more often. To solve this problem, simply install more RAM, if your computer is equipped for it. However, just be prepared, you may have to invest a hefty sum of money for good quality RAM (direct from your PC manufacturer).


  1. When something goes terribly wrong, it also good to do a simple virus scan or spyware scan. These scans are necessary as sometimes errors that are present in the PC, are due to these pesky virtual pests that can destroy your PC. So keep a virus and spyware scan software on your computer at all times.

 Free SpyWare Scan | Free Virus Scan

Just keep in mind that Internet Explorer is less buggy with a Windows based PC. Other operating systems like Macintosh and Linux are not really suited to use Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is undeniably a good PC companion. By using the tips mentioned above, you can definitely get to save yourself from all the torment and stress of an Internet Explorer lock up!

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  1. jordan:

    Thanks Logan, great stuff. Gonna forward to my friends thanks!

  2. Jim:

    I have Vista Home Premium on a Dell XPS 420 computer, 4GB ram. IE 7 freezes when I am reading my email or forum comments. The only was to shut it off is through Task Manager. I’ve run every antivirus, spyware, malware program available. My machine is clean. I’ve turned off add-ons and followed any number of other suggestions. This problem seems to have started towards the end of last year. Several people on a forum I visit report the same issue. Any ideas?

  3. barry dews:

    error box appears and freezes page

  4. Barry Bolton:

    IE8 is a buggy piece of nonsense. I have 3 new Desktops at home and at work and 2 laptops running XP and Win7 with IE8 and they ALL have major issues with IE8 freezing. For the first time in 12 years I have given up and now running Firefox without problems.
    Microsoft is slipping, Win7 is just a less buggy version of Vista, with major compatability issues. Windows media player is the latest piece of software to go the way of IE8 and start freezing up displaying useless error messages and attempting to “find a solution” As if it ever succeeded!!!

  5. david:

    I need licensew key please how to go about it

  6. Asi:

    I have a related problem. hope you can help or give advice.
    My blog keeps making IE freeze while other browsers are just fine.

    How can I fix it? What may be the cause?

    I use IE8

  7. Alex:

    I have windows vista with internet explorer. It recently has been freezing up with certain websites such as youtube, pandora, and even my dell support center website. I would like to always be able to access these webstes but it seems any websites with videos do not work. I have adobe flash installed so i dont know what the problem is. Any ideas to help me out?

  8. Scoutmagazine:

    I have IE8 and youtube seems to crash IE8 all the time now. I do not have problems with any other web sites. any one have clue or fix for this problem?


  9. Michael:

    Just to be sure, about every 3rd time I click a link any link, the screen freezes and my curser becomes that little hand with the finger pointing up no matter where I point. That lasts for about 45 sec. than the link opens. It just happened 3 times getting to this page. Is that the problem everyone is having?

  10. debra:

    Please put me in your email addresses I am not on my computer right now and need some things later. Thank you.

  11. Jacob:

    Good Article

  12. Hanna:

    Hey, possibly this post is not on topic but in any event, I have been browsing about your site and it looks really neat. It is easy to see I am creating a new blog and I am struggling to make it look great, and supply excellent subject matter. I have learned a lot here and I look forward to additional updates and will be returning.

  13. Vanessa:

    Its awesome how you folks can compose wonderful information on computer related topics! Thank you and I ve bookmarked you

  14. Garret:

    This is some really great information. I’m amazed by the quality of your site

  15. Louise:

    Good article. Thank you.

  16. TC:

    I am an old fox for computer and internet use.( 16 years )
    I was lucky enoug to enjoy aol mail on dialup.I absolutely loved yahoo 4.0 and its chatrooms.No internet explorer issues other than viruses spyware. I have been notifying deaf ears at microsoft ,yahoo and the other ding-dongs that the old rule still stands.If aint broke DONT FIX IT!!.Well just like talking to the wall.
    More upgrade of this and that now I have yahoo messenger crashing from adobe flashplayer 11.It is all an exploit where whether you like it or not have to have an annoyingly bug full of IE 8-9-10-11 to 6991.It is worse and I hate it.Takes forever to look at just hotmail or ab 5 min on FOS verizon.Once I got so frustrated I ditched IE 6-7-8 etc and went to a chinese developed maxton. You know what it worked ! The huge amount of bug fixes in mb just put more load of your memory and processor.what 2.4 ghz machine not enough now ?I’m sorry I’ll stop by dell and pick up a 9.2 ghz server with 10 gb memory.

  17. Janette Cox:

    Facebook runs fine, but whenever I open a Wall Post to browse through it , Window’s internet explorer freezes up ever time I open one up and says- Not Responding. It takes a good 5 to 7 minutes for it to become resonsive again. I have sent sooo many error reports, it’s not funny anymore!

  18. j.d.:

    DUDE who are you????? I might point out several things. First, your english is a little off, suggesting that it’s not your first language. Second, both “FREE” things you propose are not free but obvious come-ons to sales pitches. Third, REALLY free spyware and fixes are abundant on the net, why should I buy anything? These things all suggest to me that your are not an uninterested observer, but a pitchman for a software company masquerading as such. Any comments?

  19. Shane Ahakuelo:

    PLEEZE Be The 100% Free Real-Deal Site To Fix My Dell-Laptop Screen-Freezes!

  20. larry:

    Hi, my computer keeps freezing up when I play scrabble on pogo and when i go to other sights. I just came home from vacation and put scrabble on pogo on and it freezed it and knocked me off quite a few times. I noticed at the top of my toolbar it said INPRIVATE. which I never had. I didnt put it there. Could that be the reason. I turned it off. I have IE 7 and I had more memory put in it as much as he could put in it. What can I do besides getting a new computer which I cannot afford at this time. I deleted cookies already. Please contact me back. Thank you

  21. Donna:

    Might have know that all I’d get for an answer to this almost useless explorer would be an advertisement for something.

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