Fix Steam DLL msi DLL

Logan Albright

Are you receiving a steam.dll, or msi.dll error? If you have, it can be very annoying and frustrating. There are some things you can do. Let’s take a look at these two annoyances and see if we can set you on the right path.


Description: steam.dll is the dll support file that helps power the Steam game playing system, running such popular games as Half Life 2, Counter Strike and many others. Most of the games can be purchased and downloaded online, meaning there are no ‘hard copy’ back up files should problems occur.

Possible Issues: Common errors occur after buying a game online and trying to install, owing to the nature of the Steam installation procedure. Error message ‘steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library steam.dll’ displayed. May conflict with Norton AV program. Firewall settings may also need adjusting in order for games to run.

Recommendation: In the first instance try downloading and installing steam.dll again. Also, run a full registry scan with SpeedyPC as soon as you see the steam.dll error message, in order to isolate and then repair the problem.

Fix Steam DLL msi DLL


Description: The library file msi.dll is required by Windows and is used by the Microsoft Installer. If you utilize the automatic Windows updater function, then this dll file is vital to its continued operation.

Possible Issues: Generally speaking, the automatic updater works remarkably well, but from time to time, msi.dll seems to cause faulty or incomplete downloads. Once it happens, the automatic updater seems to become more prone to the same problem re-occurring, but not immediately.

Recommendation: To prevent the problem happening at all, switch to manual Windows updates, and switch off automatic. Then run a scan of your registry with SpeedyPC to isolate the problems and run the program to effect the necessary repairs.

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