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Computer Runs Slow

Logan Albright

A computer is a machine. It is supposed to run fast. It shouldn’t lag or get sluggish when you use it. It is suppose to churn out information at the speed of light.

Any computer that is unable to keep up with this is considered as ‘not meeting human’s expectations’. It may sound demanding, but of course as computer users, we expect only the best out of our computers.

Over time, you will realize that even brand new computers start to turn laggy, and sometimes applications just freeze. Hopefully this will help you avoid all frustrations and learn exactly what to do when your computer runs slow.

How To Fix a Computer Running Slow

So how to make your computer run at horse’s speed again? Follow these simple steps to experience smoother sailing processor:

#1 Disk defragmentation

The “Disk Defragmenter” tool is embedded within you computer system in the “System Tools” section. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and click to run it.

Technically, Disk Defragmentater allows you to arrange your files in an orderly fashion. This is good as it helps to speed up the computer’s speed by eliminating the need to seek high and low for a particular file. Compare yourself walking in a messy room versus a tidy room. You get the idea.

As such, disk defragmentation benefits you both ways. You will get to maximize your computer’s potential and at the same time, your computer can run programs with much more ease.

 #2 Upgrade your RAM

The RAM would determine how much memory the computer has. With more memory in store for the computer, it is obvious that the computer will be able to process faster.

Give your RAM an upgrade once a while. You will need to spend a little bit of cash but it is spent for a good cause. If you think that your computer is slow due to lack of RAM, then maybe it is time do hit the computer store and grab more RAM for your computer.

However, take note that you should only upgrade your RAM when you think that the problems you are having with your computer is due to the lack of memory. Otherwise, keep your RAM as it is.

#3 Keep your Registry Clean and Clear

Every Windows based computer has a registry, including yours. It is just that people are not aware of its existence. The registry is a very important component of the computer as it helps to store crucial information regarding your user and applications data.

In the long run, the registry might get stuffed up with trashy information that is not relevant. If you fail to remove this undesired bloat, your computer might eventually slow down.

Also, beware of viruses or spyware that might damage your information heavily. If you fail to give it the required attention, then your computer is in danger of crashing and you could lose all pf your important data.

So how can you keep it clean and clear? Try SpeedyPC. It’s that easy!

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  1. debby:

    thanx for the info on defraging very informative

  2. rcmichelle:

    Oh, it’s easy. Many people have such problem. You can try the software tuneup360. My friends and I all use it.

  3. rcmichelle:

    Actually it’s a common problem. Mostly the reasons are too much registry and virus. Can help you solve the problem.

  4. Harold Coffin:

    The scan went on forever. It never finished although the progress meter appeared to be progressing, but the file it was processing remained the same. I concluded the system was looping endlessly and I aborted the process. You need your system to provide some idea of the remaining processing time needed. I cannot spend all day on this.

  5. Johnny Anderson:

    Highly insightful appreciate it, I’m sure your trusty subscribers will likely want a lot more blog posts of this nature continue the great effort.

  6. Umar Dar:

    PC Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 2.40Ghz
    Ram 2GB
    System 32bit

    Hi, I have windows vista installed. It came pre-installed when I bought the system in 2008. Since then I only re installed it once, earlier this year when my computer had some serious virus. After the reinstall all was heaven. Untill recently i have noticed, the computer is getting little slower and the main problem is, in task manager’s performance tab its showing its using allot of my memory almost 80 % at all times and sometimes 90%.
    This is usually the case when i have browser open. I use chrome and i open multiple tabs. But it never used to be an issue in the past. But now as soon as the browser opens in performance monitor memory bar goes up to 80 90% goes up. In chrome i have 9 or 10 apps that i use. I tired removing them but that helps a tiny bit. But even if im not using chrome and im using safari its still the same thing.
    And all along my browsers open my hard seems to be overly active and is making a noise , like constantly processing.
    what do i do.
    Do i buy more ram
    Install vista again, it seems like same problem like earlier this year when i had a bad virus, but still not as bad as last time and my malwarebytes anti virus software says there no serious effected areas.
    i have not defragged my disk like ever, but try doing that today.
    plz tell me what do i must do?


    i wish many many thanks to google group

  8. Surender Rao Dulloor:

    I want to fully tune up my computer. I hope this will fix my all problems.

  9. brian prevost:

    500 startup and unstall ererors 300 cam and active x errors how to fix?

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