Computer Keeps Freezing

Logan Albright - Computer Keeps Freezing

Oh no, not another immobile screen. The mouse is not moving and the page is not loading! Is this happening to your PC regularly?

Everyone face the same frustration when their computer screen freezes while they are completing a project, running an application, playing games, or just leisurely surfing the internet. So what do you do when your computer keeps freezing up like there is no tomorrow?

Computer Freeze Solution

For most of the time, when this happens, the only alternative is to press Ctrl – Alt – Del all at the same time. You will see a box pop up and you will see a list of programs that are currently running on your machine.

You’ll see a ststus column next to each application. Highlight each program individually and click “End Task”. This will close certain programs that are “not responding”. Worst of all, you might also risk the chance of losing all of your unsaved documents.

That is the ultimate price you pay when a program keeps freezing up. I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun.

Thankfully, there are some magical ways that you can adopt to have a smoother processing PC. Some of the techniques will include minimizing the number of programs running at one go, a scheduled maintenance, and also, regular scans for viruses and spywares. Let’s talk about these a bit more.

Computer Keeps Freezing

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Common Reasons For Computer Freeze

Most of the time, a computer freezes up simply because it does not have access to enough RAM. Hence, the most ideal way to solve this frozen screen problem is to get RAM with a larger capacity.

Every computer requires a certain amount of RAM available to run certain programs. When a program is opened, this particular program uses up part of the memory from the RAM.

Therefore, when there are some constraints in memory, the computer would not be able to take in all programs at one go, and the screen will just freeze, until it finds some free space to process the programs.

Loading too many programs at the same time when starting up your computer can also cause your computer screen to freeze. You are advised to make the necessary changes so that programs you don’t need, do NOT run the minute you switch on your PC.

Regular PC Maintenance

Next, doing some PC maintenance is definitely a good thing if you are really serious about keeping your PC performing at optimal speeds.

Doing computer checkups and cleaning your registry are just some of the more important steps of keeping your PC performing as good as new. Most of these are made available off the Net. There are free versions of virus and spyware scans so make good use of them!

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At the same time, use free computer checkups online to detect some of the PC errors that you might not have noticed. This computer checkup software will automatically detect and remove all PC errors simultaneously.

Computer maintenance is definitely a must especially if you are constantly hooked onto your broadband internet connection.


Virus scans and spyware scans are definitely a must for all PC users. If you are saying that you don’t have a trace of spyware, then you really must be kidding me.

Everyone who uses the computer for surfing the internet will definitely have at least a speck of spyware in their computer system. Whether these are harmful or not doesn’t matter, what matters most is that you know how to remove these pests safely.

To do this, use anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares to eliminate all viruses and spyware off from your computer.

Your PC might not speed up instantly, but by doing these steps regularly; it will help to ensure that your PC is still safe and functioning at an acceptable speed.

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