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Computer Keeps Freezing

Logan Albright - Computer Keeps Freezing

Oh no, not another immobile screen. The mouse is not moving and the page is not loading! Is this happening to your PC regularly?

Everyone face the same frustration when their computer screen freezes while they are completing a project, running an application, playing games, or just leisurely surfing the internet. So what do you do when your computer keeps freezing up like there is no tomorrow?

Computer Freeze Solution

For most of the time, when this happens, the only alternative is to press Ctrl – Alt – Del all at the same time. You will see a box pop up and you will see a list of programs that are currently running on your machine.

You’ll see a ststus column next to each application. Highlight each program individually and click “End Task”. This will close certain programs that are “not responding”. Worst of all, you might also risk the chance of losing all of your unsaved documents.

That is the ultimate price you pay when a program keeps freezing up. I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun.

Thankfully, there are some magical ways that you can adopt to have a smoother processing PC. Some of the techniques will include minimizing the number of programs running at one go, a scheduled maintenance, and also, regular scans for viruses and spywares. Let’s talk about these a bit more.

Computer Keeps Freezing

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Common Reasons For Computer Freeze

Most of the time, a computer freezes up simply because it does not have access to enough RAM. Hence, the most ideal way to solve this frozen screen problem is to get RAM with a larger capacity.

Every computer requires a certain amount of RAM available to run certain programs. When a program is opened, this particular program uses up part of the memory from the RAM.

Therefore, when there are some constraints in memory, the computer would not be able to take in all programs at one go, and the screen will just freeze, until it finds some free space to process the programs.

Loading too many programs at the same time when starting up your computer can also cause your computer screen to freeze. You are advised to make the necessary changes so that programs you don’t need, do NOT run the minute you switch on your PC.

Regular PC Maintenance

Next, doing some PC maintenance is definitely a good thing if you are really serious about keeping your PC performing at optimal speeds.

Doing computer checkups and cleaning your registry are just some of the more important steps of keeping your PC performing as good as new. Most of these are made available off the Net. There are free versions of virus and spyware scans so make good use of them!

SpyBot Search & Destroy  |  ACG Anti-Virus

At the same time, use free computer checkups online to detect some of the PC errors that you might not have noticed. This computer checkup software will automatically detect and remove all PC errors simultaneously.

Computer maintenance is definitely a must especially if you are constantly hooked onto your broadband internet connection.


Virus scans and spyware scans are definitely a must for all PC users. If you are saying that you don’t have a trace of spyware, then you really must be kidding me.

Everyone who uses the computer for surfing the internet will definitely have at least a speck of spyware in their computer system. Whether these are harmful or not doesn’t matter, what matters most is that you know how to remove these pests safely.

To do this, use anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares to eliminate all viruses and spyware off from your computer.

Your PC might not speed up instantly, but by doing these steps regularly; it will help to ensure that your PC is still safe and functioning at an acceptable speed.

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PCaholic Visitor Shout Box

  1. john rielly:

    when my screen freezes cntl alt delete does not work and i have to switch of at plug also i have zone alarm and system mechanic which i run all the time still same problem any ideas

  2. glyn shelton:

    system restore dosent work. i click on a photo, nothing happens. computer wont work right since i removed a butt ugly virus that, i suppose, took its toll on my puter. any suggestion? thank you.

  3. pcmemoirs:

    One of my friends has this problem on a brand new PC. I am trying to find a solution for him. I tried every trick I know, and the ones you suggested, but it still keeps freezing. I removed some programs from startup, did a virus scan (removed one threat only) and even used ccleaner.

    All I have left to try is repair Windows XP installation or format the hard drive. Perhaps it’s a hardware problem?

  4. Pat:

    My computer gennerally runs fine……But I downloaded Magic Ball 4 and everytime I try to play it ….I get a windows has encountered a problem and must close…….So I have never been able to play this game…….and it is the only one that willnot play…….I have tried alot of different things that they have suggested and still nothing ……..got any ideas on what I can do???

  5. rose:

    hi, my question is my monitor has a power and my cpu also has a power but no display…

  6. Judy Adema:

    Iwas to get 4 other download free with my order with my order reg cure. I had trouble with my coputer . How do I down load the now
    Thank you

  7. john pitcher:

    in troubleshootind mode and want to know how to return to normal mode

  8. sandra:

    I have vista programme and computer keeps freezing and is very slow. Tried System restore but no different. Help to a computer novice

  9. Martin:

    my problem is very like John’s on 3rd September. My screen freezes and CTRL/ALT/DELETE won’t work so I have to keep pressing the off switch. Pain in the behind

  10. Frank:


    I had a virus on my PC V(ista), but got rid of it using Stinger from McAfee.

    However now my computer randomly will totally freeze during or on startup or sometimes it will allow me to open a program but suddenly freeze after a few seconds, minutes for 1 hr. I cannt even open Task manager. The whole screen freezes.

    The only way out is to reboot the pc but sometime it will freexe on the login screen – not even the mouse can move!

    How can i fix this? Is there still a virus or possible a proble with the registery?


  11. Maria:

    So many of us seem to be having problems with freezing screens and it seems many have vista, is there a connection there. This website has been the most accessable and informative as to causes and possible remedies. My laptop freezes when surfing, using word etc etc etc. I am a novice and don’t understand a lot of the termonlogy . i’ve tried some of the remedies suggested above, my RAm is 766Mb, should I get more?


  12. abbie:

    when i switch my laptop on it works fine until it loads up the main screen where i click my user name, it freezes. I can move the mouse around but doesn’t allow me to click on anything :/ i’ve tried deleting everything and starting from the start so I don’t have to click on a user. But it still gets stuck, again the mouse still moves but doesn’t allow me to click on any icons for example start or internet. whats happening ? :S email me back please on abbie_brown_13@hotmail.co.uk if you know what is happening with my laptop.

  13. Scott Miller:

    internet gets slow, screen freezes and ctrl-alt-delete does not work
    any ideas

  14. taylor:

    @Pat You should uninstall magic ball 4 . That’s probably what your computer is referring to as a problem. Sorry to disappoint you but you should try playing another game.

  15. taylor:

    @Sandra I have the same problem here :P it’s not fun cause not even control alt delete will work. There is nothing u can do but turn off your computer for ten seconds then turn it back on. I still haven’t found a solution to this problem yet.

  16. Ian Byard:

    Can you advise me on a free clean up scan/programme for my laptop please

  17. peter:

    @abbie did you get any suggestions as i have same problem and its drivin me mad!

  18. mick:

    laptop will freeze when signing into skype or sky player. Hasn’t done it previously. Not loaded anything onto laptop that would cause this problem, please help with suggestions, thanks

  19. Gavin:

    Good Article, great tips it really helped stop pc freeze ups thanks

  20. Robert Flacco:

    There’s a lot of info here. I’ll be back again. Glad to see legitimate help on websites! many thanks again

  21. Joesph:

    I think you may want to add a facebook icon to your blog. Just bookmarked this blog.. Just my $.02 :)

  22. Marsha Iddings:

    My daughter has a computer that is only eight months old. It is a Toshiba with Windows 7.

    It has started freezing during start up when it gets to the desk top. She spent 45 minutes starting and restarting it this morning so she could do her school work and finally gave up and is now using her dad’s computer.

    She runs CCleaner, Advanced System Care 4, 360 Amigo, and Malware Bites on it every night.

    She does have Skype on it that starts up with the boot up. I’ve suggested to her that she make Skype not start up but fix it so she has to bring it up manually. She says if she can ever get the computer to start up again she will try that. Other than that, does anyone have any other ideas??

  23. Marko:

    My name is Marko and I’m a drug addict.Just kidding :)
    But I’m having problems with the screen freezing.My computer isn’t much but ain’t that bad.I have a 70-some GB hard disk,separated into a 35 and 40 GB hard drives.My Ram is 1256MB or 1.256GB
    I have a graphic card Nvidia GeForce 5200 Fx and it’s driver is fully updated.My Cpu is x86,32-bit and It’s Intel.
    The problem started when I had installed Windows 7.Actually it worked well for a couple of months.I had no problems.You see,I play this game called Minecraft.I could play it smothly.But I went for summer vacations.When I got back,I tried to open back Minecraft.But these lines ,like in old Tv’s when there is no signal,came across my screen and then my screen freezed.I tried opening the tax manager but every time I pressed ctrl+alt+del it didn’t do anything.So my only choice was to turn off the computer and reboot it.This problem has been going on
    since then,a month ago.I’ve tried memory scans,updating the video drivers,reinstalling windows 7,registry cleaners,defragmantation until I installed windows Vista which btw is very buggy,but not complaining about it.The problem here is that,sometimes,I can play a couple of minutes,in a very slow mood otherwise I’d crash.For exp:Yesterday I was able to play 4 hours in a perfect way.The computer went on smoothly and I trully enjoyed it.But,today,I can’t even open it since it crashes immediately as I try to open it.I’ve also cleaned the dust out of it,replaced the Ram and video card.But still the same.I don’t know what to do.If you could help me,I’d trully be grateful.If you need any more information about my pc,I’d be glad to hand it over to you.

  24. kamal:

    when i click on explore or google chorme then too many pages are opening how i can resolve this issue i am using window xp
    thank u

  25. ellee:

    I have Windows XP. Only one program loads when I turn on my PC. I am told that while working I have too many explorer windows open at the same time and that is why my computer freezes.

  26. Jessica:

    I seem to have the same problem as Frank from September 13, 2010. The only way I can get it to work without freezing is to go on under Safe Mode with Networking. It started after I used Spybot and got rid of everything. My screen sometimes freezes before I can even get to the Desktop. Sometimes it lets me get as far as opening Firefox. But then it freezes. Task Manager doesnt work. And I’ve tried everything i know. Would really like some help.

  27. vrajesh:

    when i am scanning the pc its freeze and ctrl alt delet also not work
    so give me the suggestion for that due to that i have to restart my computer from plug????????

  28. Paige:

    Everytime I try to close internet explorer my computer freezes and I get the “This program isn’t responding” message. I tried scanning my computer but that didn’t help. Why is this happening? And how can I fix it?

  29. muthu:

    sir my system windows xp when i am on the system it wil work after some time its gets freeze mouse also not working then i have to power off then again i will start it will works some times when windows startup page self gets freeze please help me?

  30. HItesh:

    when i open add remove programme than suddenly close the programee. not only this programee any programme i start than suddenly automaticaly close the programee what is the problem i cant understand. plz suggest me.
    thanking you

  31. Kwame Agyepong:

    thaks for the tips ,it really helped me

  32. Sanju:

    my computer freezes frequently and no keys or devices work at all
    the only option left will be to remove battery or press power button for force shutdown
    plz help me to get out of this problem
    i have hp pavilion dv6 notebook


    i have a laptop and when i turn in on it freezes and the screen is black but it freezes before it even gets on to the screen that chooses what user you want to log on,, and this is a continous problem.. the laptop turns on fine on safe mode but on regular mode it freezes always do you know what it could be??

  34. Haris Zachqariades:

    After so many years of using computers, I would say that freezes with windows os are unavoidable. I had an old vaio that became unusable a few years ago. After changing to Ubuntu the computer came alive again. It never freezes. I have a newer Vista computer, which also freezes a few times a week. It will not respond to Alt-Ctr-Del.

  35. rob:

    My laptop starts up and opens to the main desktop, but then about 20seconds after the desktop loads, after/during whatever i do, the screen freezes but my mouse can move. The mouse cant select anything though and nothing seems to be working. I presume it is a virus, but i had downloaded an antivirus program just before this problem began to occur, and ran it once, whcih said my laptop was fine. Was it a fake? Do you think i have a virus?
    Please reply soon. Thanks.

  36. abraham:

    I accidentally uninstalled ethernet from my laptop and all of a sudden my laptop freezed. I tried all options untill i had to shut it down but it could not start until i have to trouble shoot.
    After some a few minutes it freezed again and the cycle continued.
    What can i do to solve such a problem

  37. dhiraj kumar:

    hi frnds,
    when ever i start the pc n i got no changes in my pc……… is it possible?
    suppose i or anyone installed some software in my pc. when i restart the pc den taht auometically removed…………. is it posible?

    yes or no

    if yes

  38. dhiraj kumar:

    hi frnds,
    when ever i start the pc n i got no changes in my pc……… is it possible?
    suppose i or anyone installed some software in my pc. when i restart the pc den that software auometically removed…………. is it posible?

    yes or no

    if yes

  39. Michael:

    I think you meant to say AVG antivirus, not ACG. AVG rocks, but I’ve never heard of that ACG product.

  40. gerry:

    cant really say if it sucks since it wont run long enough for me to find out. sucka keeps freezing my ‘puter . gona try an earlier version and keep fingers crossed.

  41. gerry:

    yes i couldnt get system restore to work on xp and browsers werent opening i went to start : run and typed in stuff which i dont have in front of me at the moment but it was for a manual restore look for how to do system restore manually on google or get a book and it will give you code for that. start in safe mode hit f8 as computer is loading also did that andclicked on last good configuration

  42. MHD:

    Hello…. Need For Speed The Run Keep Freezing after get out from the car … my pc info .. CPU AMD 965 …. VGA GTX460 … Ram .. MB Asus …16G OS win7 64 … AntiVirus KasperSky …. Any fast Help Plz

  43. Choco:

    My toshiba satelite laptop freezes when i play games and music then it gives a strange sound instead of music

  44. MiNt:

    I am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, Intel Dual core 1GB RAM. My computer hangs whenever i surf on the net and nothing can be done except force restart. But it really does fine when i’m not surfing on the net. Is it because of the RAM?

  45. Nina:

    Thanks for the useful information. I’ve had some concerns with my computer with running slower than normal. I’m going to use some of you tips…great info!

    Thanks again,

  46. helan:

    when I press sound bottun the pc stop working and froze and the task manager does not work too it become worse so I shut it from the battery or the shut down bottun please help me and give me the steps the video works while it works the pc stops and become freeze up please give me the solution for this and thunks alot.

  47. Alena:

    When my Mac freezes, I go to the Apple menu and click on force quit. It’s easier than rebooting.

  48. Olivia:

    Hi, I was only fixing my sound system. I got a new compaq presario CW57-339 SOMETHING, and when I was fixing my webcam microphone, the whole system freezes. I freak out because when I start it back up, it takes almost to an hour or more to load,but the mouse remains there. Then it only shows a black screen and takes for-EVER to load! What’s happened?

  49. Kenny:

    when my screen freezes i can move my mouse and i can tell everything is still running because i can hear it its just that i cant click on anything and c it work. my computer is stuck on the same screen and i have to shut it down by remembering where the buttons to shut it down are

  50. Dustin:

    To Marko,

    Windows 7 requires at least 2gb of memory to run and depending on the version you’re running, up to a maximum of 96gb of memory. I don’t even think Vista Home Premium will run without 2gb of ram. First and foremost, upgrade your RAM. You should go to Crucial.com, download the scanner tool and scan your computer. It will identify the computer that you have, the OS, and will tell you the amount of ram that can go in it. In my opinion, if you’re running Windows 7 Home Premium, you should have at least 4gb of RAM. Any OS above that, you should have at least 6gb of ram. Also, you may want to see if your MOBO and CPU are able to run in 64bit. If they are, get away from 32bit. This would all depend on your amount of knowledge and if the MOBO/CPU are unlocked that would allow you to change these settings. Good luck!

  51. Thea S. Robertsen:

    I have a problem that just started about a few days ago, but my comuter doesn’t freeze for a long time. But a little but at the time, I got an anti-virus program on my computer (Norton 360).
    I’m suspecting that it might be a virus, or the memmory capasity. I’ve had my computer for about 3 – 5 years, and has being repaired once because of infection about 2 or 3 yrs ago.
    Can someone tell me what is going on with my computer? because it’s driving me crazy, and thanks for the info.

  52. Thea S. Robertsen:

    My computer is an ASUS X5AV-series
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce’ 9650m GT 1GB.
    Operator: Windows Vista.
    CPU: Duo P8400.
    Display: 15.4WXGA/LED.
    ODD: DVD Sup.MTL
    HD: 500GB
    Memmory: 4GB
    OS: VistaPremium

  53. Techie Now:

    Usually when my laptop freezes i try that Ctrl+Alt+Del but there are no task manager option just even felt any bulge in the screen. do you think this is a virus?

  54. tyra:

    when im on my computer it goes fine! so i think its not ganna freeze right when i wanna play this game called “OURWORLD” a virtural world it goes so slow!! plz help –>tunnusher@hotmail.com if u have any subgetions! im only 12 :/

  55. Daniel Siambilu:

    my computer of late started behaving strangely, it became slower, such that you can open a program and only to open after 30 minutes. I thought it was a virus so i formatted it and tried to install a new operating system, but instead it failed to install because it was more slower, i have tried several operating systems but they are all behaving the same. one operating system took me 14 hours to install but in the end it failed, it could not proceed. it became static at one point with only about 13 minute s remaining, but it was showing that it was loading. I had no choice but to suspend the process. please help me,email me some suggestions to this problem. It has 1,256 mb of RAM and a 2.88 GHZ processor.

  56. Isaac:

    I have a laptop that freezes every time you get to the desktop screen it manages to load shortcuts and then it waits 5 seconds and freezes. Do I need more ram?

  57. karen craigon:

    Could you please email me the price of the speedy pc pro thanks

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