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Free Computer Optimization Tips

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PCaholic Visitor Shout Box

  1. Shawn:

    Anyone downloaded the privacy controls application yet? I think I want something that will completely erase stuff from my computer. I heard when you delete stuff it isn’t really deleted so I may try it. – Shawn

  2. Admin:

    Shawn – Yes Privacy Controls is a great application. You are right.. when you delete something, it is just giveing your PC an ok to “over-write it” so it is still on your hard drive. The Privacy Controls will completely delete anything you want deleted. Thanks for the comment! ~ Peter

  3. Liza:

    Outstanding site. Just wanted to tell you the information is fantastic for a computer dumb girl like me! Liza

  4. LouisK:

    Fantastic page! I will be recommending this site to a few people I know who need pc advice. Hats off to providing straight forward info o all of us.

  5. Josh:

    If anyone is wondering, yes SpeedyPC does fix blue screen errors. I ran the scan and it found over 600 errors and my blue screen went away. Josh

  6. Antonella:

    This is a great software. I can recomend it to everyone.

  7. PCwiz:

    I appreciate the advice especially since my computer needed a good overhaul. I liked reg cure and also the perfect uninstaller program works really well too. great advice here

  8. Aiden:

    Hey guys on startup my new vista keeps tuning the screen black as it loads and when it goes to the desktop it does this too, i find turning the screen off and on a few times helps or just restarting it.. this randomly happens when im just using the comp too, its a desktop, any help?

  9. Peter:


    I would recommend you update your drivers. This sounds like a potential outdated driver. Visit this site for help:


    Hope this helps!

  10. Jitendra K Bharai:


    This is a very good site and some great PC tips and info.The software is very good too.

  11. Mike:

    Thanks for the remedy for Outlook Express 6 inbox mail deletion fault: It worked fine and I could not get this advice anywhere else on the net!

  12. Priya:

    Windows vista service pack 1 (KB936330) Failed: Error Details: Code 4C7
    Can somebody help fix this problem for me.
    I can be reached at ::admin removed email::
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Peter:


    This error is typically caused by McAfee anti-virus. I would recommend you disable any anti-virus program you may have running, and then manually attempt the update.

    If this doesn’t help, then I would recommend you contact Microsoft Vista support.

    I sure hope this helps!


  14. dean:

    hi guys i have just had laptop repaired its taken a while it was because my laptop was running at 100%cpu without any programmes being run. this has come back and i have eventually fixed the problem…for now. but since this,when i view anybodies webcam the cam freezes and will stay still and frozen. i also do not know if i have the correct driver for my sound. can anyone please help me to find a free site that will scan drivers etc and check if my real player etc etc is all up to date as i have subsequently had to reinstall windows and now im just stuck! please with your clever minds and expertise help a guy in trouble??

  15. Peter:


    I would advise using a driver updater utility like this one:


    It will scan your system and update any drivers that are out of date.

    Other than that, try un-installing real player, and then re-installing.

    Hope this helps!


  16. dhuwuh:

    Nice, Powerfull site for troubleshooting. Thanks for free advice. I will recommended this site to my friends. Thanks again.

  17. jeremy:

    this is for ghost recon game if you can help me fix that would be great or give me some feed back thank you
    renderCrash in application version: 30899.3048

    Unhandled exception – access violation

    C STACK:
    d3d9 (???) : DebugSetLevel
    d3d9 (???) : DebugSetLevel
    d3d9 (???) : DebugSetLevel
    d3d9 (???) : DebugSetLevel
    d3d9 (???) : Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9
    d3d9 (???) : Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9
    d3d9 (???) : Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9
    graw2 (???) : ???

    Renderer: normal
    Physics : threaded

  18. hayden:

    renderCrash in application version: 30899.3048, same as jeremy wtf is doing this is realy annoying got all the patches but no go you guys know the fix?????????

  19. Bill D:

    How do I stop the “windows media player” (black screen) from continually popping up with error messages that say the mp cannot find the file,or the file cannot be opened,etc. when I`m not even using the mp?

    thanks–Bill D

  20. Lakshmikumar:

    What is runtime error “53”
    how can i resolve it
    which dll i need to register in my computer
    Please Help me

    Thanks and regards:

  21. RICHARD:

    Computer shuts off and on by itself ….thought of heat problem installed new high volume fan for air flow …thought of maybe hhd problem installed new one w\legal copy of win xp pro….thought of voltage problem changed power supply from 250 watts to 400 watts…thought of processor …bench tested at 100%…tightened down grounding screws on motherboard…cleaned dirt off of motherboard thinking maybe a reocurring short or something of that nature…STILL shuts down by itself….has no RPC virus on machine…so what is left..haven’t got a clue do u….

  22. Tania:

    Need help.I just purchased a DVD game and this is where the problem began. When I began to re-open the game after shutting down I am receiving a comment that states: “Unhandled exception” .

    Is there a website that can clean and resolve this problem without having to pay???

    Please advise your opinion matters.

  23. Katy Rowley:

    My laptop flashed a detection error and blanked out. It only loads up to the beginning window then reboots. Will your products help this? I hope so, I am lost and so is my little business!

  24. Nick:

    these programs are great!it really optimized my computer by at least 230%!I would like to also recommend malwarebytes,it helped me a lot when i got a virus by antivirus 2009.

  25. john Bickerton:

    I keep getting messages telling me that my PC is infected with Spyware and i can download programs to fix it for free but when i download the programs they scan myhard drive and tell me all the problems i have can be fixed but i must pay. I have no problems with paying but there are so many different ones and i would like to know which are the best and which to stay away from as i have had some just pop up and stop you doing anything.
    Thick i know but would appreciate some good advice as i live in Peru now and my Spanish is not very good
    Best regards
    joh n

  26. Gian:

    Hey guys! I have installed Windoes XP SP3 in my PC, and I downlaoded an application that can only run in XP SP2. Any ideas how to fix this? I have downloaded the SP2 file from Microsoft, but it says that I have newer updates than that SP2 file. Please help me if you can.

  27. Taxman:

    Spoke with a salesman at Best Buy regarding purchasing a new computer. He stated that I would need additional services (additional cost of course) to optimize the computer. Is this correct and can I do it myself?

  28. romy:

    I always have runtime error 216 at 00405902 messages when I open my window.. Please help me on this problem… Thank you

  29. Ari Blomander:

    I borow a game from my friend and i was verry happy that i will play this awesome game.But i did not pass even to first checkpoint.After few second of play game just freeze and return me to windows where i find this:
    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    Unhandled exception – -529697949

    C STACK:
    kernel32 (???) : RaiseException
    graw2 (???) : ???
    graw2 (???) : ???
    ??? (???) : ???

    Renderer: threaded
    Physics : threaded

    I have Intel E7400 core2duo 2×2,8 ghz
    zotac 9600 amp edition with lates nvidia drivers(182.06)
    4 gb of memory
    250 gb s-ata 300 hdd.
    Other games works flawlesly.
    Windows are Xp professional with SP 2.
    Latest DX drivers.

  30. ThomasM:

    I keep getting this error message when my Lenovon T400 starts up. How can I get rid of it or make it go away? Thanks in advance.

    Error in C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\LXCItime.dll
    Missing entry:RunDLLEntry

  31. ThomasM:

    keep getting this error message when my Lenovo T400 starts up. How can I get rid of it or make it go away? Thanks in advance.

    Error in C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\LXCItime.dll
    Missing entry:RunDLLEntry

    I am running Windows VISTA

  32. Arlene:

    Hi looking for help with my popup errors. Hopefully I’ll find a solution here on your webpage.

  33. Alex:

    HEY! Great website first of all.
    I need help getting rid of an error message that says : This application has failed to start because ArcCon.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.
    I know its something with ArcSoft Connect but re-installing it doesn’t seem to help.

  34. dannelle rich:

    hello,i need help fixing a runtime error messesge
    runtime error has occurred.
    do you wish to debug
    it comes up constantly and my system shuts down

  35. shirley:

    my computer freeze up all the time how can i fix that

  36. Bonnie Krichbaum:

    I ran REGCURE; it found errors but I have to pay to fix them. Is there a good product that I can download and use it to both SCAN & FIX all my PC errors?

  37. Mary Green:

    I always get Runtime error 216 at 00405902 and Runtime error
    216 at 00404CF8 when start my computer. Could I know how to fix it?

  38. Bonnie Lou:

    Hi, I am a NOVICE PC user & I searched but couldn’t find the forum I needed to post my question and or PC problems in. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP3 with IE7. (Installed IE8 but it wouldn’t run) so I went back to IE7. I use Windows Firewall and I recently upgraded my Security from Avanquest Fix-it Utilities 8 to Avanquest System Suite 9. I have DSL HighSpeed & my ISP is QWEST with MSN Browser which I use as my Home Page. I am completely NOVICE with the configurations and settings under all Tabs in Internet Properties (General through Advanced). I do not know what to enable or disable and or what to check or uncheck. My problems: I never had problems when playing at POGO before but now I get a pop-up error: In order to play Pogo games you need to install the latest version of Java Plug-in,(which I already have). So I verify & tested & I do have the latest version, but I still get the same error when clicking a game. So maybe my settings are not correct. Also, when I am on the Internet my PC sometimes reboots by itself then it will disconnect me from the internet about every 20 to 30 minutes with a Pop-up Error: MSN was unable to load a required library msnmetal.dll; with then, another Pop-up Error: Windows Delayed Write Failed: Windows was unable to save all the data for the file…data has been lost. May be caused by a failure of your hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere. Then, my mouse freezes and I have to reboot. After rebooting; I went to the Control Panel, clicked on the Add/Remove Icon to uninstall Avanquest Sys. Suite 9 because I thought this may be the problem. However, the Add/Remove Page only opened for a split second then I was taken back to the Control Panel. Now I can’t add/remove programs. I rebooted again & ran a deep scan for any AV and or AS using Avanquest System Suite 9. When it finished scanning, it reported: No Problems Found (which I didn’t believe). That is when I Shut Down my PC and will not turned it back on until I get some advice and support from this forum on How-to fix it & or troubleshoot. I am now using my daughter’s VISTA PC which runs great with no problems. THANK-YOU, HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Sincerely, Bonnie Lou

  39. Ben Roberds:

    Trying to run the game GRAW 2, I received the following error message:

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    Failed setting up render device.

    Renderer: threaded
    Physics : threaded

    It ran once, but the second time trying to run it, the error appeared. I found a different forum that directed this same question to this site.

    Any ideas what to do?

  40. Doc:

    help restore speakers

  41. Nancy:

    I tried to download driver detective device and just kept getting the following messasge:
    Driver dectective cause an error in DriverDective(1) EXE.

    What does this mean? tried restarting as suggested and nothing ………. I am stumped.
    I am using Microsoft ME

  42. jamie:

    i am trying to install a game but runtime error 339 keeps coming up even before installation how do i fix this?

  43. john:

    i would like to optimize my 9 series windows mediaplayer free, how i can do it right now please

  44. Jonah:

    Crash in application version: 29980.2562

    c:\src\src\branches\graw2\dieselx\source\utility\Archive.cpp(2129) Cannot read from file d:\ghost recon advanced warfighter 2\data\textures\atlas_world\atlas_ground_juarez\atlas_ground_juarez_bump
    \atlas.dds => error code 0x3e6: Invalid access to memory location.

    Renderer: normal
    Physics : threaded

    note: how can i fix it ……

  45. Dr. J. Sil:

    Presently only 17% Free Disc Space is available in Disk C. Even after repeated Defragmentation, this available free Disk Space gets reduced for unexplained reasons. How to resolve the problem?

  46. Carol:

    Any idea why my right mouse button won’t work in some applications or websites? I am using Vista with Firefox.

  47. Joel:

    I’m working with a program called PHP Form Wizard (www.tools4php.com) and after entering data into the program, when I click to execute the program, the following error message appears:
    Run-time error ‘339’
    Component ‘SCGrid.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.
    Note: Among other thigns, I have used RegCure to try to solve the problem, but nothing is working and the software vendor says it is a problem with Windows 7.
    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I’d appreciate your help. Thanks

  48. John:

    My computer loads videos on the internet incredibly slow. I have a very fast internet connection, and a very good computer. Everything else of the internet loads fine except for media(video and music) and I can’t figure out why. All web pages load fast. If anyone knows a cause to this or has a suggestion to try and fix it please email me asap. jje35@nau.edu
    Thank you very much!!!

  49. lawrence kenny:

    could anyone help me? i got a viris in my computer and i did an avg scan and then i deled the viris from my computer, now when i start it up it goes on to my log on page and if i press log on it trys to then i says logging off after about two seconds. can any one help me please. thanks

  50. alex kodah:

    my computer its very slow can you help out please

  51. brenda:

    my computer is running out of space. i have deleted many things, but don’t seem to optain the space. any suggestions.

  52. DEVIN:

    i have this message opening every 3 seconds saying rubtime error 13 what do i do to stop this

  53. vjdragon:

    guys my is little differnt i have kim kardasian photo showing up in a window when my comp starts……..any solution?

  54. Pat Bivins:

    I constantly get a script error, when I open the internet. I am just in the last 2 days getting spanish pop ups to explain everything, and I do not spead spanish, and did not ask for this, don’t want it. can you help?

  55. babul:

    hello, i want to know what is run time error,

  56. joseph obeng:

    i will like you to help me in solving my c poblems by sending me informations on how to solve pc problems

  57. Jo McBtien:

    My computer screen is frozen, cannot move cursor. Tried shut down,, task master but cannot move with up/ down keys, tab….unplugged all things on UBS. REALLY need help.

  58. Jack:

    i really want to say this is a very good software

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  61. Ray:

    Hi Logan,
    My son has a gateway computer with Windows Vista Op. sys. When he tries to boot up he gets an error message in dos that say “BOOTMGR is missing” press Alt-Ctrl-Del to restart: nothing. when it restarts the same message comes up. Can you help with this problem?

    Many thanks,

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  65. Gary M.:

    Real nice style and great subject matter, really helped me out thanks Logan

  66. riya:

    When i start my PC on the screen where there is pink background color\r\ntheir I see all pink color replaced with small – small red pixels ….
    I have adjust and done all possible method on Menu(Setting) panel for removing red pixels.. but i find no solution for it ..

  67. sue:

    I’m trying to install sublimation computer, one of the drivers won’t install and comes up saying OS, megabit 32 and my lap top is 64? Not good with computers it’s all chinese plese help…

  68. alexa:

    thanks for the information… it’s great

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  76. B Greenawalt:

    can you helpme get rid of some registry problem, plus disk space
    error. Free if possible.

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  78. luvhorses:

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  79. Julia:

    great resources thanks now my Pc is working properly

  80. karan:

    helloo …… i need advice ! i wanna upgrade my pc to play the latest games,i love playing games….i used to play games but something went wrong and my graphic card stopped working and now i dont have graphic card and want a new uprade to my pc in low cost to play latest games with new grapics currently my pc’s specs are
    processor : AMD athlon(tm) 64 processor 3200+ 2.00 GHz
    ram : 2.00GB(1.87 GB usable )
    system type : 64bit operating system

    so please help me out !! what should i do ? buy a new graph card ?upgrade the mother board ? should i upgrade to i3 processor ?…. at low cost in india ! plz do remember this thing ! plz help me out guys

  81. betty:

    I can’t load me games or play.It freezes al the time.It is so slow

  82. Logan:


    Thanks for posting here! Upgrading your hardware can be a good idea if your PC is less than 3 years old.

    My general rule of the thumb, is if a pc is 3 years old or more, it’s not worth sinking the money into new hardware. You’d be better off buying a new PC.

    Hardware can be pretty expensive to begin with!

    Looking at your system specs and the lower cost of hardware for you, I think you could get away with an upgrade to be honest.

    My advice, lose the AMD and go i3 no question.

    Thank you once again for posting!


  83. alexander palacio:

    hola a todos, al insertar dvd pes 2012 o pes 6 no me abre automatica/ entro a la unidad de dvd para abrirlo manual y tampoco da el icono que muestra es de cd mas no del juego, y los otros juegos me ejecutan normal que se debe hacer les agradesco una respuesta ofortuna muchas gracias a.t.t alexander

  84. kemar harrison:

    i have a problem with this error code 0xc004e003

  85. kemar harrison:

    can some one please help me to get rid of all of my error code

  86. morris:

    How to fix Internet expplorer error The simplest method for someone not well versed in computer use.



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  89. Saqib ali:

    i need a driver name network controller for window xp sp2 in system name “emachine intel atom”

  90. Bobby Tates:

    The easiest way to fix Internet Explorer Errors is to download Chrome or Firefox.

    Seriously though, there was some good ways to speed up my PC on here. I didn’t know what dll errors are and now I do, Thanks!


  91. Anna:

    I’m surprised at how effective this program is. I was shocked. It does way better of a job than I could’ve ever expected.

  92. DON:


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